• Base Defense

    652 maps Defend your base against an attack or a series of attacks.

    Broken Maps

    16 maps Submit maps with GalaxyEdit bugs here.
  • Campaign

    341 maps A series of or part of a series of scenarios that make up a continued storyline.
  • Cinematics

    111 maps A non-interactive (or at least minimal interactivity) storytelling.
  • Hero Arena

    229 maps Battle a hero unit against other hero units in an arena-style fashion.
  • Hero Defense

    225 maps Defend with a hero unit.
  • Legacy

    133 maps Maps for games besides Starcraft 2 can go here.
  • Melee

    920 maps Standard map, no custom scripting, where players fight along the game's standard rules.
  • Minigames & Sports

    275 maps Games within the map or sports-style games that likely do not follow typical RTS conventions.
    • Capture the Flag

      50 maps Two teams try to capture a flag at the other team's base.
    • Critter Games

      41 maps A game where a player controls a critter or other non-attacking unit.
  • Miscellaneous

    326 maps Maps which don't fit under any other category.
  • Proof of Concept

    315 maps Testing a new map concept.
  • Roleplaying Games

    328 maps Control a single unit and play as that unit.
  • Scenario

    407 maps A single map that follows a storyline.
  • Tower Defense

    245 maps Construct buildings to defend yourself from attacks.
    • Cooperative

      360 maps Tower Defense where you can work with at least one other player.
    • Survivor

      291 maps Tower Defense where you work alone.
    • Tower Wars

      72 maps Tower Defense where you send units to attack other players.
  • Training

    157 maps A map designed to train for a specific task or set of tasks.


  • 3D Models

    132 assets 3D models that can be included in maps.
  • AI

    10 assets AI scripts to use in maps.
  • Galaxy Scripts

    65 assets Galaxy Scripts that can be used and are not necessarily specific to any given situation.
  • Library

    149 assets Libraries to be used by maps
  • Textures

    111 assets Custom textures
    • Icons

      55 assets Images that represent spell, buildings ...
    • Models

      97 assets New model textures
    • Tilesets

      22 assets A set of textures used for a terrain of a map.
  • Tools

    78 assets Tools that can be used in or outside the game for map-making purposes.