Beta Unit sounds

Feb 08, 2013 Release
I decided to upload ithese here because I didn't find them anywhere. If there are sounds missing please PM me with a link so I can download it and include it here. All sounds are in English. Warp Ray sounds Beta Immortal sounds Beta Stalkers sounds Beta Zealot sounds Beta Phoenix sounds Beta Mothership sounds Scrapped Ghost and Thor sounds Aldaris sounds (made from SC1 campaign briefings) TerraTron sounds SC1 Alpha Protoss soundtrack (Thanks to rikky333 for digging it up) Beta Tempest sounds,...

Simple Library

Feb 01, 2013 Release
This project is a collection of functions, triggers, and other galaxy editor tools to simplify making maps.

Dr. Debug

Jan 23, 2013 Alpha
Thread mirror Intro My banks weren't working. I've read the triggers a hundred times and still found it logically sound. No errors were popping out so I started to assume Blizzard had glitches within its editor. Boy, was I wrong. It wasn't easy to detect the source of the bug mainly because it's all in the backstage of the game. It's not a process you see while playing your game. And you don't know what values are being outputted. You don't know if a certain action was run or left out. From...

fifteen turret models

Jan 18, 2013 Release
15 cool looking turret models with textures by Zolden

DogsofWar2013 mods

Dec 30, 2012 Release
These Mods are Currently updated.
Thunder logo

Desktop Icons

Dec 29, 2012 Release
These are just Desktop Icons. i have made them for testing, HOW TO USE fist make a map (C:/icons) and than use just the custom icon system on the icon where you want to use it. hf included ! : an alternative HOTS Beta icon, an alternative wol icon, and sc 1 icon smiler to the sc 2 logo, and sc 2 icon smiler to the sc 1 icon, the orginal MS-DOS icon, the heart of the terran, protos and zerg icons, the race logos, protoss, zerg and terran and my Thunder icon. keep in mind that these are just...

composure's Asset Collection

Dec 27, 2012 Release
So I've been working on a map (undead assault 3, if you've heard of it) and it's forced me to create a lot of custom functions. I decided to compile them all here for your mental stability. I'll add more as I go over time. Parity A simple function that will return true if the integer is odd, and false if the integer is even. I'll add one for reals later (though you could easily guess how to make your own from this one). Random Unit Type A very modifiable function that will return a random...
Scylla Emblem

Alliram's Assets

Dec 27, 2012 Beta
Contains all of the modifications that I have been working on.

Recolored UI

Dec 26, 2012 Release
Recolored from the original UI (Terran) included with Wings of Liberty. Currently 20 in total! Neon green, and Neon Pink are currently flawed, however usable. (It has come to my attention that Neon Pink did not get put in the DDS folder) Rainbow 1, 2, 3, 4 Solarized Purple 1,2,3 Yellow 1, 2 Blue Cyan Gold Gray Green Neon Green Neon Pink Pink 1, 2 Red You may request.

M3 Plugins for 3ds Max

Dec 23, 2012 Beta
Starcraft 2 Model (.M3) Plugins for 3ds Max Starcraft 2 Model plugins. Tested on 3dsmax 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. 3dsmax 2013 is not supported! The importer and exporter will now be bundled together along with Starcraft 2 object definitions for using custom objects (materials, maps, UI, etc) within 3ds Max. I've chosen to distribute them together so that the object file definitions are in sync with each script. Starcraft 2 Model (.M3) import plugin for 3ds Max Currently Imports: - Geometry -...

Echoed Reworks

Dec 22, 2012 Release
Every now and then I'll change around the textures of some units to fit my mapping needs, I'll upload the results of those edits here for everyone to use. Hurray! List: Marauderbat Fusion TC Gems Zeratul

Planet Pack

Dec 16, 2012 Release
ReadMe +------+ Credits to xcorbo for creating the normals and diffuses. Credits to Rispetto for editing the model provided to accept all textures and diffuses so that multiple planets could be used in a map. +------+ To import into your map simply use the mod and transfer the models you like. Do not change any paths of the textures, diffuses or models. The paths are as follow: Assets/Textures Assets/Models If you're importing these planets from scratch (I.E not from the mod) then import the...

Stronger team color SC2MOD

Nov 24, 2012 Release
The old stronger team color mod remade as a .sc2mod file that can be added as a dependency to any map
Minimap Icon Background

Minimap Icon Background

Nov 11, 2012 Release
Use this image in the "Minimap Icon Background" field under the Actor of a unit that you want to have a custom minimap icon on, along with a button icon in the "Minimap Icon Field", Then Scale the Images accordingly with the "Minimap Icon Background Scale" and "Minimap Icon Scale". Here is a Tutorial on how to use this Asset
Demo of Leaderboard

Sorted Multiplayer Leaderboard

Oct 24, 2012 Release
Explains how to create a fully working Sorted & Player colored multiplayer leaderboard and has all the triggers.

Dynamic Arrays

Oct 13, 2012 Release
With this AWESOME library YOU can use DYNAMIC point and integer arrays! And if you want you can add more types. Instructions: Create a string variable and give it a AWESOME name. Create a array, with Dynamic Array - Create(your AWESOME string (variable) here!); Add some values, with Dynamic <type> Array - Push Back(AWESOME STRING, VALUE); Remove your last value again, with Dynamic <type> Array - Pop Back(AWESOME STRING); Add some values, with Dynamic <type> Array - Add(AWESOME STRING, INDEX,...
TaurusCZ Logo

Taurus´s Collection

Oct 07, 2012 Alpha
A collection of Icons which I created by GIMP 2 There are 2 types of icons,.. I prefer to use smaller as icons only for buttons and bigger for wireframes and tooltip images ( TP ) Anyone's welcome to use my icons in their projects, please give me credit :) Enjoy! TaurusCZ


Sep 23, 2012 Beta
Weather What is Weather? Weather is a .Sc2mod file containing a library which gives the user the capability to create weather systems in their maps. This mod will be featured in Warcraft: A new Dawn. It was created for this mod in particular but was released as a stand-alone for the community. Ie.: Say you have an RPG which is situated in a forest. Wouldn't it be nice if it rained once in a while? "Weather" has been uploaded to (NA). Add through to stay up-to-date constantly....

bubble Sort

Sep 04, 2012 Release
bubbleSort is an algorithm that easily sorts data from least to greatest. Making a vote system has never been easier! Need a global leaderboard? You can have one in seconds. Threat meters? DPS meters? Who's on top? No more long, drawn out, complicated and hard to read If-Then-Elses. Simply call bubbleSort(string) and all of your data will be returned as a string in order from Least to Greatest. Note that bubbleSort is not meant to order massive amounts of data. The more data entered into...

Custom Tilesets

Aug 24, 2012 Release
Any custom tileset I make will be uploaded here and on EU. Current Tilesets: Cryogen (Ice)