8 wow monsters with norm/spec maps

Jun 08, 2013 Release
And some more wow models note: texture path is root

2 sc2-textured wow models

Jun 07, 2013 Release
wow models, textured in sc2 textures have stand, attack, wlaks and death anims also include attachment points and volumes and hit tests no textures required, simply import the m3
Dropship preview

Custom Models & Textures by RC131-Scythelisk#587

Jun 05, 2013 Release
Currently working on SC2 new race: Cynteor - a robotic civilization recently arrived in koprulu sector. It's homeworld is somewhere else in the galaxy which is far away from solar system, but close to koprulu sector. I forgot to make a note that: For the Furnace Roach and Fortress Roach, I used HOTS model as the base model. It may cause some trouble to use them in a WOL map, sorry for the inconvenience All future models will be at least HOTS model. Author: Scythelisk #587 Thanks to println...

15 WoW models with normals and speculars

May 25, 2013 Release
Humans and monsters, all with texture maps required for sc2 graphic engine to look pretty, also team colored. texture path is Assets/Textures
cover new

Thunder icon's shop

May 24, 2013 Release
my icon shop if you have requests put them here : commands on the front page plz pack 1 (jeeej) have infested MULE - Armory - Barrack - Command Centre - Bunker - Missile Turret (i dont have a preview page because i was to lazy the next pack will get an preview screen wireframe Nothing Icon pack 2 New repair Hots energize - entomb - massrecall - preordain - purify - active and deactivate widow mine - haywiremissile -...
Warcraft Custom Models

Warcraft Custom Models by Triceron

May 16, 2013 Release
Custom Warcraft Model based on Warcraft 3's units. Uses animations from Warcraft 3. Model and Textures created by Triceron. These models are free for public use. Please give credit if you use the model for your maps. Any questions or comments, please PM Triceron.

Delphinium and NanaKey's Models

May 14, 2013 Release
In this mod, we collected a part of effects models which we created for our current project and also some old units I created long time ago. I get a lot of fun and help from SC2mapster, so it is time to share which we have. If you use this models plz do me a favor. Show me some pictures of them in your game, that will be very helpful to fix the errors and improve the techologies for our new models. Also if you find any bugs, deficiencies or new models you need, plz PM or reply me. If you...
in game

Syberia fighter (protoss air unit)

May 04, 2013 Release
Light protoss air unit, has all the required stuff, like hit tests and attachments. Has some anims. Created in Art Tools.
relocalize string matching

SC2 Localizing

May 03, 2013 Beta
SC2-translate I thought about the problems with localizing a new version of a Map or Mod, because the SC2Editor have no option to do this automatically and it seemed to me that to do these will be a waste of time. Therefore I began to write a small tool to help map developers in this fact. If you have an idea or a comment, just send me an PM or post something. I will be happy about it. I'm also happy if you test it, or give me a hint what is missing in the program. FEATURES localize...


May 02, 2013 Planning
A concept model i made for Fun. I'm going to texture and animate it later, then let anyone they want use it. Suggestions are welcome, or mabye even requests. ps, the render lighting is funky cause i wanted you to be able to see the whole thing. I wanted it to be around the same size as ultra lisk in game, if you wanted to know about its scale.

Galaxy++ editor by Beier

Apr 28, 2013 Release
The program is now only released on my ftp server - see the thread linked below. Documentation General Galaxy++ is a programming language that extends upon the original galaxy language, adding a lot more features. This means that any galaxy code you have should run exactly the same way when feeding it to the galaxy++ compiler. Like most other programming languages, comments and whitespace is ignored by the...
Vote Kick Screen 1

[Library] Vote Kick

Apr 25, 2013 Release
I want to share my vote kick library, which is used in Probes vs Zealot 2. You can easy to change it to your own requirements. Just copy script into your map.
Portrait Static pack 12

Portrait (Static) Pack

Apr 01, 2013 Release
ATTENTION: To access older packs click the 'Files' tab up here /\ /\ /\ /\ (SoulFilcher) Pack 1: (Blurred civilian, night elf banshee, Hall, demon marine) and a few Alpha/Beta ones (Red suit marine, Fatty/Swarm Host, Nullifier, Disruptor and an alternative Infested Marine). (SoulFilcher)Pack 2: Abathur, de-infested Kerrigan, Izsha and Grunty (murloc marine). (SoulFilcher) Pack 3: HoTS' Widow Mine, Lessara. GhostNova's Firebat, General Duke, Duran, Stukov, Vindicator. Thrikodias' Aldaris,...
Infested Dog (Zombie)

Infested Dog (Zombie)

Mar 24, 2013 Release
Edited lyote model and ingame bloody skin Don't forget to change walk animation to "Walk Fast" on actors

Flash Freeze Code [HotS]

Mar 20, 2013 Release
Did you see the cool flash freezes from the HotS campaign? I certainly did! so for my first major project in the Sc2 Editor i decided to recreate it as a library that can be used in any Ice themed map! This is the first of what i hope will be a wonderful Hobby of making useful tools/codebits for the Community! Note: Some of the code makes HotS-Iceworld-Blizzard doodads do some cool stuff so if you have a snow map with this library be sure to add or keep an eye on these doodads, Its nothing...
Icons, Wireframes

WoW Human Buildings

Mar 16, 2013 Release
Improved WMO Assets, added better texture handling in models, have team colors, models themselves improvemets, size improvement in game, selections circles radius in game, selection boxes. Includes Buildings: Barracks, Mine, Guard Tower, Town Hall, House, Farm, Lumber Mill, Blacksmith. Includes Icons and Wireframes of mentioned buildings above. (In future these buildings may get specular and normal maps applied, but when applied now, the models recieve light incorrectly, needs more...
MP3 Player Colors

MP3 Player

Mar 08, 2013 Release
A simple MP3 Player dialog you can add to any SC2 map. Allows each player to change the color of the MP3 Player(11 colors to choose from) , Skip/Rewind the song(16 to choose from), and Pause/Play. You can easily add more songs to the MP3 Player Soundtrack. Feel Free to use it your map. Please give me credit as SyCo.
Beta 03, New design

[Library] Boss Bars Advanced

Mar 06, 2013 Beta
Boss Bars Plus Current Version: Beta 04c Status: Hotfixed (Patch 1.5), Pending feedback on stability Latest file: BossBars+ b04c Changelog: Quick link Introduction Where did the idea for this library originate? It was noted that Blizzards existing boss bar functions were very restricted, not allowing much control over how it was displayed. It didn't feel like enough, so the idea came up to create a boss bar library that is much more flexible than the vanilla one. After a year of development...

[lib] N's Talent System

Mar 03, 2013 Release
N's Talent System Forum Thread with demo map Description Talent system for RPGs etc. Features Easy to use Flexible Separated talent trees Automatic visual setup Every visual aspect is customizable Documentation How to use Create talent tree Create talents for created trees Initialize Load Trees (optional) Use functions like modify talent level or available points for manual control Save Trees (optional) Installation Import library Download Screenshots Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4...

Diablo 3 Waypoint

Mar 02, 2013 Release
I have converted the waypoint from Diablo 3 and added some animations: Stand Powered Stand Unpowered report bugs here