Dark Archon Icon


Oct 30, 2013 Mature
Icons I created. Sometimes I can't find icons for units and other stuff so I make them. Nothing special and I don't care about feedback or ratings because I use them myself. Have fun with them. Click Images link above to view them. Download the actual files from the Files link above. The dds files look perfect in game.
Board Appearance

Simple Scoreboard

Oct 11, 2013 Release
For the noobs and the pros who want something simple.. perhaps you don't want to build a board from scratch ;) I never do! lol This board will display your name and can be adjusted to show any other value such as income or units killed etc (you would have to make those triggers). This board splits the amount of players in half and shows team color (Team 1 red / Team 2 blue for example) WITH the race logo to the left of each players name. Pretty nice to start with. Please give credit wherever...
Shield Icon

WoW Icons - Enhanced

Oct 03, 2013 Release
This is a selection of WoW icons that have been enhanced in various ways. In most cases the brightness and contrast were increased to make them appear more detailed and make them pop out a bit more. I also removed the old border of every icon and replaced it with a standard black background. Remember, these are only to be used in projects on a Blizzard platform, as they are Blizzard assets. Enjoy.
Different Colors


Sep 26, 2013 Release
Added = Tychus HD Armor ( No face ) Added = Team Colored Umojan Marine

Cooldown Viewer (For MoBA/DotA Games)

Sep 12, 2013 Release
Implement this into your map for players to view the cool downs of their allies' abilities, as well as if their allies have enough energy to cast them. Do note that this is in early, early alpha stage. This will be cleaned up a lot, as now, it is just a test map to see if it works.

Galaxy Obfuscator

Aug 16, 2013 Release
Galaxy Obfuscator is a simple program that can obfuscate your script, making it unreadable by humans. I does not change how the script works. Galaxy Obfuscator will: Remove all comments and unnecessary whitespaces Replace all identifiers (variable names, functions) with random sequences of l (lowercase L) and I (uppercase i) Obfuscates all integers and strings Galaxy Obfuscator has GUI and works in a fully automated fashion. After selecting a map you want to obfuscate, it will create in the...
Unit Test Simulator Screenshot

Unit Balance Test Simulator

Jul 25, 2013 Release
Introduction This is a tool I developed to help me balance units in a game I'm working on. I thought it might be of some use to a few other map makers so I decided to put it on Mapster. The tool spawns units of your choice and has them fight one another. Once the battle is over there are statistics that are generated about the fight, such as how many of each side died and what percentage of total health was lost in the battle. Explanation of Features Looking at the screenshot as you can see...

Chain Lightning

Jul 20, 2013 Release
This is a chain lightning based on the one of Kerrigan in HotS. I always had problems with chains and this one is working quite nicely. The mod uses Archon Models/Sounds and only needs Liberty dependencies.

Dustins Unit Indexing Library

Jul 17, 2013 Release
Objective This library indexes units so they can be referenced by Index Numbers auto generated and uniquely assigned to each unit in the system. Functions To setup a unit into the system use the function: UI_Setup(Unit) To retrieve a units index use the function: UI_Get_Unit_Index(Unit) To retrieve the unit associated with an index number use: UI_Get_Index_Unit(Index) Customization The system uses DataTables so you are not restricted to the array limit. By default the system enters every unit...
Updated Team Colors

Converted WMO's /w Team Colors (WoW Buildings)

Jul 08, 2013 Release
Collection of converted World of Warcraft Building WMO's available for public use. Buildings contain no animations and have been gutted to have no inside. I will continue to add more buildings to the collection over time. Thanks to Saeris for his guide: 1.0: Includes: Wall, Wall Corner, Wall End, Guard Tower, Mage Tower, and Barracks .m3's and textures. 1.1: Includes: 1.0...

Achievement Library with Animations

Jul 04, 2013 Release
There are other achievement libraries out there, but this is the only fully animated one out there. It is easy to use, as long as you follow the instructions in the comments. An achievement showcase dialog will be added as soon as it is completed (1-2 weeks, as I don't have much time). Features -Neat animation. -Easy to use. -Allows multiple achievements to show at the same time for the same player (they will be spaced apart). -When multiple achievements are shown at the same time, new ones...
Elemental Icon Pack

Elemental Icon Pack

Jun 22, 2013 Release
Im making an icon pack for a friend and thought Id upload it, still pretty new to this stuff and any constructive criticism is welcome. Feel free to use any icons if you like, credit would be nice but not needed :) I might add to this in the future and I can try to do some requests. Also this upload stuff is a tad confusing so if Im doing it wrong, feel free to tell me. Added a few ones I had around Edit: Finished the entire pack and uploaded, feel free to request on this page if you want....

Fountain model

Jun 18, 2013 Release
There are 2 animations, for alot of water, spilling to the ground, and for a small amount of water, just flashing a bit to control the amount of water you can modify animation speed. Doesn't need textures, uses wol ones. and a stoned one: and 3 tier one:

8 wow monsters with norm/spec maps

Jun 08, 2013 Release
And some more wow models note: texture path is root

2 sc2-textured wow models

Jun 07, 2013 Release
wow models, textured in sc2 textures have stand, attack, wlaks and death anims also include attachment points and volumes and hit tests no textures required, simply import the m3
Dropship preview

Custom Models & Textures by RC131-Scythelisk#587

Jun 05, 2013 Release
Currently working on SC2 new race: Cynteor - a robotic civilization recently arrived in koprulu sector. It's homeworld is somewhere else in the galaxy which is far away from solar system, but close to koprulu sector. I forgot to make a note that: For the Furnace Roach and Fortress Roach, I used HOTS model as the base model. It may cause some trouble to use them in a WOL map, sorry for the inconvenience All future models will be at least HOTS model. Author: Scythelisk #587 Thanks to println...

15 WoW models with normals and speculars

May 25, 2013 Release
Humans and monsters, all with texture maps required for sc2 graphic engine to look pretty, also team colored. texture path is Assets/Textures
cover new

Thunder icon's shop

May 24, 2013 Release
my icon shop if you have requests put them here : commands on the front page plz pack 1 (jeeej) have infested MULE - Armory - Barrack - Command Centre - Bunker - Missile Turret (i dont have a preview page because i was to lazy the next pack will get an preview screen wireframe Nothing Icon pack 2 New repair Hots energize - entomb - massrecall - preordain - purify - active and deactivate widow mine - haywiremissile -...
Warcraft Custom Models

Warcraft Custom Models by Triceron

May 16, 2013 Release
Custom Warcraft Model based on Warcraft 3's units. Uses animations from Warcraft 3. Model and Textures created by Triceron. These models are free for public use. Please give credit if you use the model for your maps. Any questions or comments, please PM Triceron.

Delphinium and NanaKey's Models

May 14, 2013 Release
In this mod, we collected a part of effects models which we created for our current project and also some old units I created long time ago. I get a lot of fun and help from SC2mapster, so it is time to share which we have. If you use this models plz do me a favor. Show me some pictures of them in your game, that will be very helpful to fix the errors and improve the techologies for our new models. Also if you find any bugs, deficiencies or new models you need, plz PM or reply me. If you...