Oct 25, 2015 Release
If they fail textures models. PLEASE go (=== HotFix for println's blender m3Addon ===)
Scylla Emblem

Alliram's Assets

Dec 27, 2012 Beta
Contains all of the modifications that I have been working on.
Minimap Icon Background

Minimap Icon Background

Nov 11, 2012 Release
Use this image in the "Minimap Icon Background" field under the Actor of a unit that you want to have a custom minimap icon on, along with a button icon in the "Minimap Icon Field", Then Scale the Images accordingly with the "Minimap Icon Background Scale" and "Minimap Icon Scale". Here is a Tutorial on how to use this Asset
Blue Color Scheme

[Library] Talent System

Nov 08, 2010 Release
I've been working on a Talent System so I figured I'd make it a library that anyone can use. If you're planning on using Talents in your map I suggest giving this a try because making a talent system from scratch can be time consuming. Importing libraries is currently glitched. It deletes all grammar text and hint text. Import the library, delete the files, then copy the library from the example map. TUTORIAL: Feel free to use...

Player Voting System

Jul 18, 2010 Release
This is a voting system that you can put into your maps. It supports up to 6 different vote types. You can also make voting only occur for a specific player group. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US&amp;fs=1"...

Arcanes Data Wizards

Oct 14, 2015 Planning
Data wizards to for SC2. Data Wizards are a new feature of the SC2 editor, allowing any mapmaker to create a custom UI to take input and then create the data entries and fill in their fields. This allows mapmakers to create custom data workflows and simplify data creation. You can find the details on how Wizard work and the formatting of the wizard files in Wizards -> Wizard Help in the Data module. Currently includes the ability to make an effect, to make a weapon that launches a missile.

Keypad System

Sep 04, 2010 Release
Creates a keypad password system that can be used to lock doors in RPG's.
Orbit Logo


Aug 04, 2010 Beta
Orbit v0.2 If you've played SpaceBound or looked at the Sc2Mapster news recently, you may have seen mention of Orbit, a library I am developing for N-Body simulation in Starcraft II. An N-body simulation is a simulation of a dynamical system of particles, usually under the influence of physical forces, such as gravity. For more information on that, see Wikipedia. The algorithm utilized in Orbit is a fairly simple solution to the n-body problem. There are several reasons why a simple algorithm...
unit in editor

[Left 2 Die] Unit Spotter mod

Feb 11, 2014 Release
It contains just this one unit from blizzards left 2 die map add it as dependency and it works. upload it to bnet if needed and add it, too (add local mod, then modify and and add bnet version)

Chain Lightning

Jul 20, 2013 Release
This is a chain lightning based on the one of Kerrigan in HotS. I always had problems with chains and this one is working quite nicely. The mod uses Archon Models/Sounds and only needs Liberty dependencies.

Zerg Hero Button Frame Border

Jul 26, 2011 Release
A proper Zerg hero button frame border to replace the purple square until HotS is out. We have to thank Demonette for this awesome piece of art, I simply made a usable DDS file of it. click me! how to use: -import both dds files -right click move them to Assets/Textures/*.dds

Red glowing minus

Jun 27, 2011 Release
There is a green glowing plus sign in starcraft already (btn-ability-terran-heal-color), wanted to have an analog to be used as a button
Tassadar Hero UI Button Icon

Tassadar Hero UI Button Icon

Jun 27, 2011 Release
A proper Hero UI Button icon for Tassadar
Kerrigan Hero UI Button Icon

Kerrigan Hero UI Button Icon

Jun 27, 2011 Release
A proper Hero UI Button icon for Zerg Kerrigan

FPS Engine Library v2.0

Sep 04, 2010 Release
This is a fully-functional FPS/TPS engine with camera collision and pathing, four types of weapons, tracelines, etc. The one single thing you must do to make this work is create a camera with appropriate camera property values for an FPS, and then edit one single global variable (named 'camera') to have the camera object you just made as its default value. That is literally all there is to it, the rest is done for you. The library is filled with comments as well that explain what things are...

FPS/TPS camera engine

Aug 26, 2010 Release
This is an FPS camera system that is based around my WASD movement library. All you have to do is create a suitable camera in the map panel of the editor and select it instead of the placeholder variable 'Camera' in the map initialization trigger. It has 8 direction movement and can be set to move and rotate a unit with the camera by setting the view type global variable as 'Third Person' and turning on the unit rotation trigger. This can be done in game, an example being getting into a...

WASD trigger Library

Aug 22, 2010 Release
This sets the values of four booleans named for the four directions depending on whether a specified key is pressed down.

Attach Dialog To Unit with auto-hide behind UI

Oct 01, 2011 Release
Allows to auto hide dialogs attached to units behind the standard UI. This trigger requires to know the player's camera distance and angle of view to work correctly. Note that the map contains a lot of functions to work with vectors, you probably won't need all of them but some are used by the auto-hide function. This is the 3d model I use (perspective projection): This model projects a 3d point (game world) into a 2d plane (monitor 2d resolution), if the point is outside the 2d plane then...

Dirt Wall

Dec 12, 2010 Alpha
Used on my hive keeper project. The texture file MUST be imported in the correct directory Assets/Textures/


May 15, 2010 Release
Contains useful triggers to aid in debugging! List of commands: -Spawn [Amount] [Unit ID] Spawns a unit -GiveTo [Player Number] gives selected units to player -Reveal toggles revealing the entire map -Kill kills selected Units -GodMode makes selected units invurnerable -Warp Warps selected units to the center of the screen -Cam [Distance] [Area of Attack] sets the default cam's Distance and AoA -CamReset resets cam back to original state -TogUI toggles the ui on and off