Air Superiority #7

Modern Warfare Assets

Apr 12, 2014 Release
SC2-style models/textures based on existing and prototype aircraft, vehicles and technology made from a mix of stock SC2 assets, and custom textures. The goal is to provide low to medium poly assets that sort of resemble their real-life counterparts, rather than extremely high poly model ports that would be otherwise sized in dozens of MB of textures and meshes. Made possible only with NiNtoxicated and Leruster's 3DS Max m3 plugin and Blizz's SC2 Art Tools. Unless specified, most models...

Universe of Warcraft

Apr 05, 2014 Alpha
This warcraft project is started because I would like a creat a warcraft mod that shows the storyline of world of warcraft in RTS style game. (This it the Assets section any of my assets(models, sounds, icons) will uploaded here, the maps/campaings will updloaded here when the project is realesed: (still not created map section)) 2014 January 17: - Planning units section is updated. - Elwyn Forest storyline in progress. 2014 February 9: -Lookin for Team:...
Alexei Stukov (Portrait)

SoulFilcher/Ghostnova Assets

Apr 03, 2014 Release
This is where the models and assets that both myself and SoulFilcher have worked on can be found. COMPLETE LIST Alexei Stukov unit. Alexei Stukov portrait. Protoss Battlecruiser. Drone evolution: Purple. Dark Nullifier.
Construction V2

TwoDie Assets

Feb 16, 2014 Release
Models created by TwoDie. Forum page here WoW buildings models imporved page download. Models Building Construction Model. Download Latest ; DL v1. Version 1 utube video
Cover 5

Thrikodias's Assets

Feb 05, 2014 Release
A collection of models (usually kitbashes) and textures made or modified by me. Requirement dependencies are listed under the caveats section for individual files. BorgDragon's tutorial should be used for the textures. The textures also have pretty large filesizes, so you may want to resize them. It should be noted that I don't necessarily take requests, however I will make an exception if I like an idea. Please give credit to Thrikodias. Also, thanks to NiNtoxicated01 and Leruster for the...
Terran Radar Tower

Terran Radar Tower

Jan 28, 2014 Release
So, this is finally good enough to release. Hope people like it! Known Bugs - Shadow draws weird. There's a box, and then the normal shadow. Will fix this later. Will also fix this later, along with adding lights and fixing the shadow. The Stand 02 Animation does nothing. My Custom License - I give rights to this to be used in virtually any way you would want to use it (Preferably, related to StarCraft II). If you provide significant changes (If you're not sure if it's significant enough, ask...


Dec 18, 2013 Release
Hello, dear Community, i design this HeroLineWars because i Love Mapping and , i hv no time for Tigger,and Data Scripting. I would be glad if a further developed my Starcraft II Map, it is open to you at disposal. Sincerely yours StarForce
Evolutions: Scourge

SoulFilcher's Models

Aug 04, 2013 Release
RELEASED MODELS AND TEXTURES SC1 Ion Cannon: Made from WoL Data Core structure, no custom textures. Dropship variations: Dropship made from the Medivac. Some texture variations for it. Nuke Silo placement model. SC1 Hydralisk: Made from WoL Hydralisk to look like the SC1 version. Mothership Core (HotS annoucement version, not the final version). Metroid unit with some basic animations. Hellion portrait wearing goggles. SC1 Guardian/Devourer Cocoon made from WoL Broodlord Cocoon. Dark Shrine...
Updated Team Colors

Converted WMO's /w Team Colors (WoW Buildings)

Jul 08, 2013 Release
Collection of converted World of Warcraft Building WMO's available for public use. Buildings contain no animations and have been gutted to have no inside. I will continue to add more buildings to the collection over time. Thanks to Saeris for his guide: 1.0: Includes: Wall, Wall Corner, Wall End, Guard Tower, Mage Tower, and Barracks .m3's and textures. 1.1: Includes: 1.0...

Fountain model

Jun 18, 2013 Release
There are 2 animations, for alot of water, spilling to the ground, and for a small amount of water, just flashing a bit to control the amount of water you can modify animation speed. Doesn't need textures, uses wol ones. and a stoned one: and 3 tier one:
Icons, Wireframes

WoW Human Buildings

Mar 16, 2013 Release
Improved WMO Assets, added better texture handling in models, have team colors, models themselves improvemets, size improvement in game, selections circles radius in game, selection boxes. Includes Buildings: Barracks, Mine, Guard Tower, Town Hall, House, Farm, Lumber Mill, Blacksmith. Includes Icons and Wireframes of mentioned buildings above. (In future these buildings may get specular and normal maps applied, but when applied now, the models recieve light incorrectly, needs more...

fifteen turret models

Jan 18, 2013 Release
15 cool looking turret models with textures by Zolden

Castle model

Jan 16, 2013 Inactive
Medieval castle model with textures and attachments

DogsofWar2013 mods

Dec 30, 2012 Release
These Mods are Currently updated.
TaurusCZ Logo

Taurus´s Collection

Oct 07, 2012 Alpha
A collection of Icons which I created by GIMP 2 There are 2 types of icons,.. I prefer to use smaller as icons only for buttons and bigger for wireframes and tooltip images ( TP ) Anyone's welcome to use my icons in their projects, please give me credit :) Enjoy! TaurusCZ

Warcraft Model Library

Jul 26, 2012 Inactive
UPDATE: So for some reason, Sc2Mapster deleted all the mod files. I have recovered them from so they SHOULD be up-to-date. I will not be hosting all the files on Sc2Mapter anymore, so I will provide links to download them from Google Drive. Sorry for the inconvenience. Click to Download Mods How to Use: Open up the Sc2 Editor and load your map. Once loaded, go to File -> Dependencies and click the button that says: "Add Other". A dialog will appear called "Choose Document". Click...

Empty Biodomes

Jul 17, 2012 Release
This was something I wanted for terraining and thought it would be useful for others - a biodome you could see inside of but which wasn't full of water or gas or whatever. I took the water biodome and removed the water, then took the struts from two of the biodome varients to give some variety. Please feel free to use in your maps. A credit is always nice :) I may make some more variations including one with no floor if people would like.
all ability pack

Alex assets

Jul 16, 2012 Release
this is alex 06 icons he post this long time ago because i dont know how he must make it into dds i have done it i have also add some of my art -------------------------------------------------------- unit pack Alex, Soulhunter, Bw carrier, shuttle, Shuriken, valkery, dragoon, Defiler, arbiter, Guardian, Swarmguardian, Hunterling, Scarab, Alpha Reaver,Predator,Predator figermode (not the sybercat but the plane), Bw arbiter, Star relic, Corsair, Voidstar, Tageting drone, Swarmhost, Nomad, Null...

xel'naga assimilator

Jun 25, 2012 Release
xel'naga assimilator all players can collect gas from it
Protoss Abilites

Recolored Icon Packs

Jun 16, 2012 Release
This is just a bunch of recolored icons. Keep in mind that Blizzard Entertainment originally created these icons and I take no credit in making them. They are in .tga format and may or may not work at their own will.