Delta Squadron Decal

Hammer's Assets

Oct 02, 2015 Release
This is a collection of custom icons and textures I created such as SC1 unit icons and textures and other stuffs such as characters from custom-campaigns made by other mapsters. I want to thank those who created some impressive unit icons and even unit textures and models such as SoulFilcher, Alex06, Thrikodias and Cacho56. I also uploaded some rare assets that are not released by other users and cannot be searched in SC2mapster. But, I upload some of the other's assets that are introduced in...

Heroes of StarCraft

Oct 01, 2015 Release
This is the Heroes of StarCraft project made by Alleyviper85 and Hammer107. In this project, we will release numerous Hero models from some various characters of the Starcraft universe such as lore and the true game.


Oct 01, 2015 Release
Heroes of the Storm Assets, minions, pets, mercenaries, buildings, mounts. NO HERO Here is the link of the project with more people are starting to create..

AV Sc2

Sep 30, 2015 Release
Twitter-/-Youtube-/-Facebook-/-Showcase AV Model

Solstices Custom SC2 Models

Sep 21, 2015 Release
Custom SC2 Models made by Solstice, using Blender and PrintIn's M3 Export/Import add-on. Requests are welcomed as I can't think of much to do on my own. With the beginning of the school year, I will not be able to release as much content, so please bear in mind Current List of models in progress : Janus : (Fighter Bomber unit with two modes, like the Viking) Currently a hold up due to my lack of knowledge on making new animations as I am trying to make a morph model to go along with it. It is...
Races logos

Cacho's Kitbashes

Sep 20, 2015 Release
Cacho's Kitbashes Click on the links to watch screenshots and download. Custom SC2 models and textures based on existing ones. Please give credit to the original creator in the case of "Models from other users" and to me for the rest of the models if you use them. StarCraft Lore Models Units Portraits SC1 Models Buildings Doodads Portraits Units Models from other users Miscellaneous

KS Numedia's Assets

Sep 20, 2015 Planning
I'll upload whatever custom units I create here. I'm not an experienced modeler so most of what I do is done in the SC2Editor itself, but I hope that these custom units can add some color to your game. These units mainly come from my custom campaigns. If you ever play my campaign missions, you may see said units in action, which can give you a good idea of how the unit itself works. I'm currently in the process of figuring out how to upload the units themselves to the "Files" tab itself so I...
Vindicator Siege Weapon

WingedArchon Assets

Sep 18, 2015 Release
[Sept 5th 2015] Here you can find all assets I've created. Of course, I do not take credit for ALL content which may be found here. In such event, credits are listed in the files page. I hope you'll find some interesting assets for your use. P.s. If you would want to change one of my assets, please be so kind to list me as author of the original pieces, thank you! Featured: Talon Campaign Project content Models in this section are featured in my ongoing project: The Talon Campaign. For...
Narud Icon

Narudek's Supplies

Aug 20, 2015 Release
I will upload my models here so if you like them then download what you want. I hope you will enjoy them
Showoff pic

Taylor Mouse's SC2 Models

Aug 01, 2015 Release
I will be posting my models here. So download them from the files list Hope you like'm T.

Custom Footman

Jul 21, 2015 Release
A custom footman model. Work in progress, more polish and work to go. Features a list of animations so big that i won't even write it completely here. :P


Jun 15, 2015 Release
Project dedicated to the creation of terrain textures and Doodads.

Kani's Models

May 23, 2015 Release
I am in the process of re-uploading models due to reported errors with downloads, please be patient in the meantime. This may take some time as at the moment the site is not allowing me to re-upload the files as it says they are already uploaded even though I have gone through and deleted them. UPDATE: As the Curse Database is INSISTING I have already uploaded the files, even when I have renamed them, I will be re-uploading them in zip files. A collection of models I am making with the...

Heroes M3 To Sc2 M3 Converter

Apr 24, 2015 Beta
This is an small tool which will allow you to downgrade Heroes of the Storm M3 models to the version used by Starcraft 2. It works in most models but not all (haven't found an exception for lastest version). How to use: 1 drag m3 files into the program. A window will pop up with all the strings inside the m3 file. Use that info to find the correct textures you need. Other method: run on command line. Use the ' -c' option to avoid pausing. - Fixed for lastest patch NOTE! Use this tool with...

Footmen Frenzy

Apr 21, 2015 Beta
The map has 8 heroes, 5 spells per heroes, 2 potions, can include up to 8 players. Also, 5 footmen levels. It's just like Zealot Frenzy in SC2 and Footmen Frenzy in WC3. The feature aspect of this map is the hero experience/level up system, which tries to distinguish kills between hero and non-hero (footmen). Hero levels up only when it's engaged in combat, and hero kills are rewarded as experience for leveling up only when the two or more heroes were engaged in combat.

Universe of Starcraft

Mar 29, 2015 Alpha
This starcraft project is started because I would like a creat a starcraft mod that shows the storyline of starcraft in RPG style game. (This is the Assets section any of my assets(models, sounds, icons) will uploaded here, the maps/campaings will updloaded here when the project is realesed: (still not created map section)) The project includes: Multiplayer: You can play with heroes in battle arenas, instances, dungeons, raids. Map types:, Capture the flag.(like warsong gulch in wow) Battle...

Universe of Warcraft

Mar 29, 2015 Alpha
This warcraft project is started because I would like a creat a warcraft mod that shows the storyline of world of warcraft in RTS style game. (This it the Assets section any of my assets(models, sounds, icons) will uploaded here, the maps/campaings will updloaded here when the project is realesed: (still not created map section)) 2015 Marc 30: Battleground page created to show the current version of battlegrounds: The project...

ahtiandr's wc4 level art stuff

Mar 27, 2015 Release
Hi all! I am doing a wc4 level art for sc2 engine and here I will be posting all my finished assets so you could use them in your maps. I hope you like them!

Ghostnova's Mods

Mar 26, 2015 Release
PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD THESE ASSETS ELSEWHERE. All Icons,Wireframes and Hero Icons for my mods can be found here: Check out my other assets as well!| BW Firebat Duran and Stukov! Arclite Siege Tank (BW) Vindicator Also...
Marine Infestation

Solstice's Special Effects via. Cutscenes

Mar 11, 2015 Release
I got into the realm of making Special Effects in the Cutscene Editor. IMPORTANT: The cutscene files will need to be imported into the import module. The cutscenes can be used in you map using the "Create Cutscene at Location".