AV Sc2

Nov 29, 2015 Release
Twitter-/-Youtube-/-Facebook-/-Showcase AV Model If they fail textures models. PLEASE go (=== HotFix for println's blender m3Addon ===)
Purifier Probe

SoulFilcher's Models

Nov 29, 2015 Release
RELEASED MODELS AND TEXTURES "SC1" models. These are models tweaked to look more like they did in SC1 and BW. Ion Cannon: Made from WoL Data Core structure, no custom textures. Hydralisk: Made from WoL Hydralisk to look like the SC1 version. Guardian/Devourer Cocoon made from WoL Broodlord Cocoon. Ultralisk Cavern made from WoL version. Battlecruiser / Magistrate Collins portrait. Overmind portrait. Supply Depot. Young Chrysalis. High Templar. SCV. Finished models. These are models released...
Khalai Protoss Decal

Protoss Texture Variations

Nov 29, 2015 Release
This is another asset that I have created which is featuring some Protoss texture variations that appeared in the SC2 campaign while others are custom-made. It will be featuring some Khalai, Nerazim, Dark, Purifier and Tal'darim Protoss variation textures and including their models that will appear in in-game.

herdal8's Assets

Nov 29, 2015 Release
Custom and modified models made by me for use by anyone who would like to use them. If any dependencies are required they will be listed under the caveats for of that file. Currently I'm working on some buildings and placement models like the Command Center from the alpha of Starcraft II and will be uploading them here as they are done.
Showoff pic

Taylor Mouse's SC2 Models

Nov 28, 2015 Release
I will be posting my models here. So download them from the files list Hope you like'm T.

Heroes of StarCraft

Nov 28, 2015 Release
This is the Heroes of StarCraft project made by Alleyviper85 and Hammer107. In this project, we will release numerous Hero models from some various characters of the Starcraft universe such as lore and the true game. If the model's textures failed to load after importing and saving a mod or map or just in case when tested in in-game, the model's textures turn black. PLEASE go to: HotFix for println's blender m3Addon**
LotV beta Cyclone (robotic variant)

AlexO6 Assets

Nov 25, 2015 Release
These are assets I've found, made and/or edited. Some of these are unused Blizzard assets that were removed from the game eventually.
Zerg Artiller (Added Animations)

Solstices Custom SC2 Models

Nov 25, 2015 Release
Custom SC2 Models made by Solstice, using Blender and PrintIn's M3 Export/Import add-on. Requests are welcomed as I can't think of much to do on my own. With the beginning of the school year, I will not be able to release as much content, so please bear in mind Current List of models in progress : Janus : (Fighter Bomber unit with two modes, like the Viking) Currently a hold up due to my lack of knowledge on making new animations as I am trying to make a morph model to go along with it. It is...

Modern Warfare Assets

Nov 25, 2015 Release
Background Modern Warfare Assets is a collection of custom models and textures based on real-life existing and prototype military hardware. All of the assets are guaranteed to be low poly and have as small as possible file sizes. Special thanks to NiNtoxicated01 and Leruster's M3 Plugins for making this possible. Models Infantry BLUFOR U.S. Army Infantrymen - Version: 1.0 REDFOR Russian Ground Forces Conscripts - Version: N/A

Protoss Interplanetary Ship

Nov 24, 2015 Release
Was browsing through the doodad files in HOTS and found this ship model attached to the hologram displays in the ship, I edited out the display stuff, and the only texture that exists that I know of is the hologram one, so it is going untextured. This ship is the one you are aboard for the Enemy Within mission in HOTS. As all the doodads were just posted as well, if you want to find it in the files, it is a HOTS doodad this is something like Ship Display. Obviously blizzard owns all rights to...

Cacho's Kitbashes

Nov 21, 2015 Release
Cacho's Kitbashes IMPORTANT: If you import one of my models and some textures of other models or the terrain itself start flickering, turning black, or disappearing, you have to run this script over the imported model in order to solve the issue. Please PM me if it happens, so I can reupload it. Custom SC2 models and textures based on existing ones. Please give credit to the original creator in the case of "Models from other users" and to me for the rest of the models if you use them. SC1...


Nov 20, 2015 Release
Project dedicated to the creation of terrain textures and Doodads. If they fail textures models. PLEASE go (=== HotFix for println's blender m3Addon ===)
Delta Squadron Decal

Hammer's Assets

Nov 08, 2015 Release
This is a collection of custom icons and textures I created such as SC1 unit icons and textures and other stuffs such as characters from custom-campaigns made by other mapsters. Take note that all of my models will cause their textures turn to black because Blizzard's patch 3.0 has broken the models exported with blender's m3 addon. Before importing the files to your maps, you have to run this script over them in order to solve the issue. Also, I do many re-textures from models made by other...

Pirated Assets

Nov 07, 2015 Release
Various data assets that you may find useful. Feel free to use these in your mods. Credit is appreciated but unnecessary. Instead please name something cool in your map after me. Includes: Easy Status Bars. This function constructs and returns a customizable status bar as a dialog item. Contains variation for each race, options to show/hide energy, and to add a behavior duration timer (stimpack is shown in the gif). Note that in order to use these status bars you must copy both the function...

Custom Glazes

Oct 30, 2015 Alpha
Some custom Glaze models i've been toying around with. These in particular let you make some interesting changes to units via the new feature added in patch 3.0, Glazes. I will probably keep adding more custom Glazes in the future, but i'm kind of super busy now, so i can't promise anything. The .zip currently uploaded contains 3 Glazes (description in the file's change log), plus another Glaze that's broken, but feel free to use it anyway. Oh boy, writing this description down made me hungry...

HotFix for println's blender m3Addon

Oct 25, 2015 Planning
The file was uploaded to dropbox because it gets corrupted if uploaded here. This batch uses println's and scripts to fix the issues with the textures caused by patch 3.0 (black textures, textures missing, decals and roads disappearing). It converts the .m3 files to xml, edits the lines that cause the bug, and converts the files back to .m3, leaving them ready to be imported in the editor in less than a minute. UPDATE 2015/11/17 I've uploaded a new version. It has 3...


Oct 25, 2015 Release
If they fail textures models. PLEASE go (=== HotFix for println's blender m3Addon ===)

SC 2: Supplies

Oct 11, 2015 Release
I'm going to upload my models here to share them with everyone so i hope you will give me credits.
Lancer Assault Walker

WingedArchon Assets

Oct 05, 2015 Release
[Sept 5th 2015] Here you can find all assets I've created. Of course, I do not take credit for ALL content which may be found here. In such event, credits are listed in the files page. I hope you'll find some interesting assets for your use. P.s. If you would want to change one of my assets, please be so kind to list me as author of the original pieces, thank you! Featured: Talon Campaign Project content Models in this section are featured in my ongoing project: The Talon Campaign. For...

KS Numedia's Assets

Sep 20, 2015 Inactive
I'll upload whatever custom units I create here. I'm not an experienced modeler so most of what I do is done in the SC2Editor itself, but I hope that these custom units can add some color to your game. These units mainly come from my custom campaigns. If you ever play my campaign missions, you may see said units in action, which can give you a good idea of how the unit itself works. I'm currently in the process of figuring out how to upload the units themselves to the "Files" tab itself so I...