AV Model

Av Model

Oct 25, 2014 Release
Wraith Raider Spectre Corsair Spectre Tank Spectre Dreadnought Spectre Granadier Spectre Assault Ghost Viper Hero Marine Hero Ghost Infested CC PD Defiler Ghost Marine Marauder Power Generator Sc1 Tassadar Tank V1 Ulrezaj Dark Templar KingsCrest Barracks Tychus Storm Skeleton Pirate Captain Dragon

Hammer's Assets

Oct 25, 2014 Release
This is a collection of custom icons and textures I created such as SC1 unit icons and textures and other stuffs. I want to thank those who created some impressive unit icons and even unit textures such as SoulFilcher, Alex06, Thrikodias and Cacho56. I also uploaded some rare assets that are not released by other users and cannot be searched in SC2mapster. But, I upload some of the other's assets that are introduced in the forums. NOTE: I used for recoloring some icons and textures.
Dark Phase Shift (2)

Supernova's Custom SC2 Icons

Oct 24, 2014 Release
I made some custom icons for anyone who wants them for some reason or another so you can download them. Please give credit if you use any of them. I will generally release icons in packs of 10. Please note that my icon making is garbage when it comes to scratch. Currently making icons and doing other things for my Xeyed Race map, do not expect more icons packs for awhile. Make your requests here:

Cacho's Kitbashes

Oct 22, 2014 Release
To download the models just go to the files tab (it's in the bar at the top), or click over their images. You can jump to the model by clicking it in the table contents of the right side panel. Para descargar los modelos, pueden ir a la sección llamada "Files" de la barra superior, o hacer click sobre sus imágenes. Pueden saltar al modelo buscándolo en la sección "Table of contents" del panel derecho. Um die Modelle herunterzuladen einfach auf das "Files"-Untermenü an der oberen Leiste oder...
Thunderbolt Goliath

WingedArchon Assets

Oct 19, 2014 Release
Recently I've been diving more into the world of assets and have tried my hand at creating and/or modifying them. Here are some examples of my attempts to modify unit textures and creating button images. I'll be updating this as I find time to upload more stuff. Unit Textures Thunderbolt Goliath Flame MK2 Goliath Virtuality Goliath Immortal texture Dark Dragoon Building Textures Spawning Pool Buttons Button Pack 01 - Featuring some buttons for hero units.
Republic Fleet

Star Wars Assets By Fingolfin

Oct 18, 2014 Planning
These are model from Fingolfin at Hiveworkshop that he as given permission to convert and upload. there are currently 2 model the Providence Class Destoryer and the Venator-class Star Destroyer
Venator-class Star Destroyer

Venator-class Star Destroyer

Oct 14, 2014 Planning
this Venator-class Star Destroyer was a model that i converted with some help and all credit goes to Fingolfin at Hiveworkshop Have Fun
Drone Support #3

Modern Warfare Assets

Oct 12, 2014 Release
SC2-style models/textures based on existing and prototype aircraft, vehicles and technology made from a mix of stock SC2 assets, and custom textures. The goal is to provide low to medium poly assets that sort of resemble their real-life counterparts, rather than extremely high poly model ports that would be otherwise sized in dozens of MB of textures and meshes. Made possible only with NiNtoxicated and Leruster's 3DS Max m3 plugin and Blizz's SC2 Art Tools. Unless specified, most models...
Showoff pic

Taylor Mouse's SC2 Models

Oct 11, 2014 Release
I will be posting my models here. So download them from the files list Hope you like'm T.

NanaKey's ModernWarAsset

Oct 05, 2014 Release
Hi everyone, this is a new share mod from Nanakey and Delphinium. This mod focuses on modern war weapons like missiles, tanks, ships and aircraft. For now it's still a fully finished mod but already has plenty units ready for your call. If you are working on a modern war related project or have such a plan, I think this asset mod will be helpful. Since this mod is still in progress and more units will be added, I would like to...
Cover 5

Thrikodias's Assets

Oct 03, 2014 Release
A collection of models (usually kitbashes) and textures made or modified by me. Requirement dependencies are listed under the caveats section for individual files. BorgDragon's tutorial should be used for the textures. The textures also have pretty large filesizes, so you may want to resize them. I do not take requests. Please give credit to Thrikodias. Also, thanks to NiNtoxicated01 and Leruster for the 3ds max plugin! Without them, the newer models would be impossible. -- Catalog -- Unit...

Planet Pack

Sep 27, 2014 Release
ReadMe +------+ Credits to xcorbo for creating the normals and diffuses. Credits to Rispetto for editing the model provided to accept all textures and diffuses so that multiple planets could be used in a map. +------+ To import into your map simply use the mod and transfer the models you like. Do not change any paths of the textures, diffuses or models. The paths are as follow: Assets/Textures Assets/Models If you're importing these planets from scratch (I.E not from the mod) then import the...
Military Font included

Alphabet Decals

Sep 27, 2014 Release
SUMMARY: According to necessity and the lack of independent 'letter' Decals (Only having numbers), I've been through considerable trouble in making a proper Decal for flexible phrase-making and section describing, with all letters available. It's a very early work and only one font is available, but more will come, in time, and more updated and crisp. Includes 'Read Me'. Available fonts: - Eurostyle - Regular (UPGRADED) INSTALLING THE DECALS: - Open the editor and the desired map. - Open the...
Dark Protoss Textures

SyCo's Textures

Sep 23, 2014 Release
If you have any requests for simple texture changes PM me.
Repair Bot

SoulFilcher's Models

Sep 21, 2014 Release
RELEASED MODELS AND TEXTURES "SC1" models. These are models tweaked to look more like they did in SC1 and BW. Ion Cannon: Made from WoL Data Core structure, no custom textures. Hydralisk: Made from WoL Hydralisk to look like the SC1 version. Guardian/Devourer Cocoon made from WoL Broodlord Cocoon. Ultralisk Cavern made from WoL version. Battlecruiser / Magistrate Collins portrait. Overmind portrait. Supply Depot. Young Chrysalis. High Templar. SCV. Finished models. These are models released...

Pirated Assets

Sep 17, 2014 Release
Various data assets that you may find useful. Feel free to use these in your mods. Credit is appreciated but unnecessary. Instead please name something cool in your map after me. Includes: Easy Status Bars. This function constructs and returns a customizable status bar as a dialog item. Contains variation for each race, options to show/hide energy, and to add a behavior duration timer (stimpack is shown in the gif). Note that in order to use these status bars you must copy both the function...
Icon Pack 27

Abilities and upgrades icon pack

Sep 03, 2014 Release
ATTENTION: To access older packs click the 'Files' tab up here /\ /\ /\ DDS icons created using SC2 originals, blizzard artwork, and a few made by myself. Good for abilities, upgrades, tips and any other idea you may have. Pack 02 - 16 new icons from Blizzard assets and artwork. I created some of these for my mod and the others just because I got bored. Pack 03 - More icons. Pack 04 - More icons. Pack 05 - More icons, some based on SC2 beta achievements Pack 06 - Lost Vikings! The spades icon...

Heroes M3 To Sc2 M3 Converter

Aug 31, 2014 Beta
This is an small tool which will allow you to downgrade Heroes of the Storm M3 models to the version used by Starcraft 2. It works in most models but not all (until now the only exception has been Stiches). How to use: 1 drag m3 files into the program. A window will pop up with all the strings inside the m3 file. Use that info to find the correct textures you need. Other method: run on command line. Use the ' -c' option to avoid pausing. NOTE: The converter does not work with models of the...

Waygate System Library

Aug 29, 2014 Release
The following is a fully complete library for a teleport system meant to replicate the original waygates from warcraft 3. This library is very intuitive, extremely clean, and self contained that can entering into any map with minimal effort and work. Experienced mappers can easy modify and use the core calculations to their likings and even the newest mappers will have a breeze while never needing to modify it or understand the workings. The only process is to add the custom action “create...
Dark Terran

Dark Terran Update

Aug 25, 2014 Release
Just an update from this asset. I just wanted to have Dark Terran buildings/effects/portraits/models so I started this project basing into that asset. This contains HotS assets, so be carefull when importing if you do not own this expansion. Tell me what you think in the comments.