Air Superiority #7

Modern Warfare Assets

Apr 12, 2014 Release
SC2-style models/textures based on existing and prototype aircraft, vehicles and technology made from a mix of stock SC2 assets, and custom textures. The goal is to provide low to medium poly assets that sort of resemble their real-life counterparts, rather than extremely high poly model ports that would be otherwise sized in dozens of MB of textures and meshes. Made possible only with NiNtoxicated and Leruster's 3DS Max m3 plugin and Blizz's SC2 Art Tools. Unless specified, most models...
MSeverns' Assets

MSeverns' Assets

Apr 11, 2014 Release
A collection of models by MSeverns This pack contains Samir Duran model, wireframe, textures Raszagal portrait, model, wireframe Overmind Cocoon model

[Mod] Orion

Apr 08, 2014 Beta
Orion is a powerful mod that facilitates creating own role playing or shooter games. It provides an extensive trigger library that exceeds any other mod I know, has full GUI support, and grants a huge amount of configurability and flexibility. Got interested? Test it out by playing the presentation map "Orion Sample", which is online on EU servers or can be downloaded here on (please read the notes in the map's patch notes to learn how to install the mod). You can also use that...

Universe of Warcraft

Apr 05, 2014 Alpha
This warcraft project is started because I would like a creat a warcraft mod that shows the storyline of world of warcraft in RTS style game. (This it the Assets section any of my assets(models, sounds, icons) will uploaded here, the maps/campaings will updloaded here when the project is realesed: (still not created map section)) 2014 January 17: - Planning units section is updated. - Elwyn Forest storyline in progress. 2014 February 9: -Lookin for Team:...
Alexei Stukov (Portrait)

SoulFilcher/Ghostnova Assets

Apr 03, 2014 Release
This is where the models and assets that both myself and SoulFilcher have worked on can be found. COMPLETE LIST Alexei Stukov unit. Alexei Stukov portrait. Protoss Battlecruiser. Drone evolution: Purple. Dark Nullifier.

Fantasy Mod Resources

Apr 01, 2014 Release
Stuff (models, sounds, icons etc) imported from World of Warcraft and used in my maps Wow TD, Wow TD 2, Fantasy Legends. I decide it is simplier to create independent place for keeping this stuff. It is better then dublicating it at every map page here.
Flinks' Icon Pack 06 preview

Flinks' Assets - Taking requests

Mar 31, 2014 Release
I am creating an icon pack for custom maps. I use Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 for editing and Aorta to convert to DDS icons. Anyone can suggest an icon they want in the next update or sent privately to them. The icon pack might have a few minor problems. remember, i will also make icons on demand, for people who can't make them. If you experience any problems with the icons, please contact me here or via [email protected] Have fun and be creative. Request your icons in the comments or as PMs!

Ghostnova's Mods

Mar 24, 2014 Release
All Icons,Wireframes and Hero Icons for my mods can be found here: Check out my other assets as well!| BW Firebat Duran and Stukov! Arclite Siege Tank (BW) Vindicator Also check out my Brood War Tileset!...
Immortality Protocol

Custom SC2 Icons(Taking requests)

Mar 21, 2014 Release
I made some custom unit icons for my map, if anyone wants them for some reason or another, you can download them. Please give credit if you use any of them. I will be releasing icons in packs of 10. Please note that my icon making is garbage when it comes to scratch. Make your requests here:

Check If an Angle is within Arc of another Angle

Mar 16, 2014 Release
A simple library to tell if an angle is within an arc of another angle. A few notes with it, "Facing angle of unit" and "Angle between points" among others actually return a range of -180 through 180 by default, and this accounts for that. It adds 180 to whatever the input is. If you input your own angles that are not from Blizzard's system, remove 180 from what you have. Angles can only be -180 through 180, anything above or below will screw up. Also, you must remove the function and two...
Icon Pack 26

Abilities and upgrades icon pack

Mar 12, 2014 Release
ATTENTION: To access older packs click the 'Files' tab up here /\ /\ /\ DDS icons created using SC2 originals, blizzard artwork, and a few made by myself. Good for abilities, upgrades, tips and any other idea you may have. Pack 02 - 16 new icons from Blizzard assets and artwork. I created some of these for my mod and the others just because I got bored. Pack 03 - More icons. Pack 04 - More icons. Pack 05 - More icons, some based on SC2 beta achievements Pack 06 - Lost Vikings! The spades icon...
Showoff pic

Taylor Mouse's SC2 Models

Mar 08, 2014 Release
I will be posting my models here. So download them from the files list Hope you like'm T.
Construction V2

TwoDie Assets

Feb 16, 2014 Release
Models created by TwoDie. Forum page here WoW buildings models imporved page download. Models Building Construction Model. Download Latest ; DL v1. Version 1 utube video

Hash Lib

Feb 15, 2014 Release
Hash Lib 2.0.1 Reuploaded This is a reupload of magnificence7's hash Libary. He used MIT License for his newest Version so i reuploaded it under the same License. If you dont know what Hash functions are visit Usage To generate a hash code, you need to have some input to digest. In this library that's called the 'hash input'. You fill the hash input and then generate a hash code from that. There are some actions to fill the hash input. The first action we need to use it the...

Simple Bank

Feb 15, 2014 Release
Was tired of relearning banks.. So I created this for noobs and pros alike to simply load this map, copy "BankFiles" Folder and paste into any existing map. for additional help: If you need even more help, message me here on sc2mapster or add my on Skype: Grasso2012

JArch's Assets

Feb 11, 2014 Release
I've decided to upload most of the models I've created lately. I can't really take credit full credit for some of them as some are inspired or taken out of other modelers models. All of the models use in game textures and use WoL only assets (Will be marked if they use HoTs). I can't really model so none of these are amazing or high end things. I also moved my old assets here cause its a pain to manage multiple asset pages (not that the others were very active). For the majority I have the...
unit in editor

[Left 2 Die] Unit Spotter mod

Feb 11, 2014 Release
It contains just this one unit from blizzards left 2 die map add it as dependency and it works. upload it to bnet if needed and add it, too (add local mod, then modify and and add bnet version)

Starcraft: Rogue Mercenary

Feb 11, 2014 Inactive
The adventures of a group of mercenaries left over from the wars between the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg. Will be a Campaign/RPG that supports 1-4 players. Some roles of the campaign will require a single player to act as the commander of the players and make tactical decisions. May or May not span multiple maps.

Project Holder

Feb 08, 2014 Planning
Will be finishing this on a later date...
Cover 5

Thrikodias's Assets

Feb 05, 2014 Release
A collection of models (usually kitbashes) and textures made or modified by me. Requirement dependencies are listed under the caveats section for individual files. BorgDragon's tutorial should be used for the textures. The textures also have pretty large filesizes, so you may want to resize them. It should be noted that I don't necessarily take requests, however I will make an exception if I like an idea. Please give credit to Thrikodias. Also, thanks to NiNtoxicated01 and Leruster for the...