Turtles libraries

Jun 25, 2016 Release
A collection of maths functions which I have accumulated over several projects. Mostly vector arithmatic (2D and 3D) some group manipulation (eg dealing with outliers, linearity, etc)
Moebius Corps Firebat

Terran Organization Units

Jun 23, 2016 Release
This is a project that I have created which features some Terran units from each Terran organization in the Starcraft Universe. These are just imterpretations on how they supposed to look like in in-game and even lore. If anyone is interested in joining this project, please PM me or write a comment. Take note that other Terran models require HoTS and LotV dependencies or else your map will get banned or the unit's model will not function properly during gameplay. Also, while commenting,...

AV Model Reinforces

Jun 23, 2016 Release
Updating older models I made earlier. and new models I will create packs of models on the same topic. I will upload only models I have created, not requests. The requests are very particular things, I prefer to opt for NO. UED Race Terran ART Mod Already available for download in Battlenet,EU and US, the mod will have future updates. Credits: Tools M3addon-master - Println M3 Import v2.1 - TaylorMouse Starcraft 2 Model (.M3) import plugin for 3ds Max - NiNtoxicated01 Blizzard Art Tools -...
Delta Squadron Decal

Hammer's Assets

Jun 19, 2016 Release
This is a collection of custom icons and textures I created such as SC1 unit icons and textures and other stuffs such as characters from custom-campaigns made by other mapsters. Take note that most of my created models except the shared models will cause their textures turn to black because Blizzard's patch 3.0 has broken the models exported with blender's m3 addon. Before importing the files to your maps, you have to use Cacho's hotfix for printIn's m3addon over them in order to solve the...
Sarah Kerrigan Ghost HD Update_3

Sarah Kerrigan HD Unit

Jun 18, 2016 Release
The model is an HD model of Sarah Kerrigan in her pre infestation form. To install: 1. Place the textures in the path : Assets\Textures\ 2. Place the model in any path you want. If there are any problems, note me. Feel free to use it anywere but remember to give credit. {{ Update_3 Eyes are visible again note ! - The new model is using the "NovaAssets" starcraft 2 dependencies Update_3 Portrait animations - Fixed Update_2 Rifle missing texture...

Modern Warfare Assets

Jun 14, 2016 Release
Background Modern Warfare Assets is a collection of custom models and textures based on real-life existing and prototype military hardware. All of the assets are guaranteed to be low poly and have as small as possible file sizes. Special thanks to NiNtoxicated01 and Leruster's M3 Plugins for making this possible. Models Infantry BLUFOR U.S. Army Infantrymen - Version: 1.1, last updated 14/06/2016 British Army Troopers - Version: N/A, in progress REDFOR Russian Ground Forces Conscripts -...
Tool Image

SC2 UnicodeTranslate

Jun 14, 2016 Release
This tool is used for write non-ASCII characters in string. We know we can not use the non-ASCII characters in SE directly, we need translate them to a special encoder mode. SC2 UnicodeTranslate can easily do that. Need .NET Framework 4 Client Profile. You can Translate the tools yourself by create a xaml file in \Language, and you need named it by NLS Information It list here as Culture Name.
Korhal City Night Skybox

Korhal City Day & Night Skybox

Jun 08, 2016 Planning
Korhal City Day & Night Skyboxes - customized from the default Korhal City Skybox for day backgrounds/lighting and night, so that it can fit better with other lights unlike 'Korhal City Skybox' that is rather for sunset. (Useful) for city landscape. Model sizes: 12 KB each, 2 models Texture sizes: KorhalCityDaySkybox_Diffuse (752KB map compressed), KorhalCityNightSkybox_Diffuse (236KB map compressed), KorhalCityNightSkybox_Emissive (56KB map compressed) It was discovered that for unknown...

herdal's Assets

Jun 06, 2016 Release
Custom and modified models made by me for use by anyone who would like to use them. If any dependencies are required they will be listed under the caveats for of that file. Currently I'm working on some buildings and placement models like the Command Center from the alpha of Starcraft II and will be uploading them here as they are done.
B-Ball Hoop Wall

RanchBurner's Resources

May 29, 2016 Release
I'll be uploading my resources here. Been going all over franchises, so they're pretty much just for fun. Some are made from scratch within Blender, others from the WoW Model Viewer before MPQ converted into CASC. Thanks to "printIn" for his m3addon-master. Please do not use any of these resources for financial gain. Credits are appreciated but not requested, so enjoy. :)

Unused Assets

May 26, 2016 Release
All Assets not used by Blizzard, which have been extracted from older versions , mostly Heroes of the Storm. Models , Textures. How to install . As usual import SC2 map editor.

Slayer's Stuff

May 26, 2016 Release
Adds new doodads to the editor. These are mods and the required mods come with them. Please give permission. List: -Colored Electrical Arcs -Colored Fire -More coming
Gas Town

Dow2 Imperial Guard Units

May 23, 2016 Release
NOT FOR BATTLENET USE/CONTENT Just like my Tyranid units, This is where ill be uploading the Dow2 Imperial Guard faction. As i finish them ill be uploading units first, vehicles second, then buildings last. i should note tho uploads on this project will come at a slower pace, as i im still working on some Tyranid ideas and working on a few other projects also.
Khalai Protoss Decal

Protoss Factions Units

May 19, 2016 Release
This is another asset that I have created which is featuring some Protoss faction units that appeared in the SC2 campaign while others are custom-made. It will be featuring some Khalai, Nerazim, Dark, Purifier and Tal'darim Protoss variation textures and including their models that will appear in in-game. Most models requires LotV dependencies and all of them can be used in your custom maps or mods. If the textures go black due to Blizzard's patch 3.0 while you are using my custom models made...
Mapster icon

Warhammer unit quotes

May 16, 2016 Release
Here are some sound quotes of units in Warhammer dawn of war.
Mapster icon

Weapon sounds

May 15, 2016 Planning
Here are some weapon sounds for download.

Dow2 Tyranid Units

May 10, 2016 Release
NOT FOR BATTLENET USE/CONTENT UPDATE Now that i am done with all the tyranid units my attention will be turned to a new project. but fear not i will still be coming back and giving the tryanids some love in the form of updates (animations,textures and few surprises) and also tyranid buildings Other Projects Dow2 Imperial Guard Also keep a look out for tomi200 and his work on the eldar coming soonish lol TO DO LIST TYRANID UNITS portraits for all units TO DO LIST TYRANID BUILDINGS brood nest...
Flak Turret

Solstices Custom SC2 Models

May 01, 2016 Release
Custom SC2 Models made by Solstice, using Blender and PrintIn's M3 Export/Import add-on. Requests are welcomed as I can't think of much to do on my own. With the beginning of the school year, I will not be able to release as much content, so please bear in mind Current List of models in progress : Janus : (Fighter Bomber unit with two modes, like the Viking) Currently a hold up due to my lack of knowledge on making new animations as I am trying to make a morph model to go along with it. It is...
First Page of Manual

In-Game Manual

Apr 15, 2016 Release
Flexible page creating system so all you have to do as add a line to a trigger and you'll have additional pages. Capable, currently, of handling 20 pages but I do not recommend going over 8 or 9 at most. In game directions should be simple and to the point. The limit of 20 pages can be changed easily; just look for: "Instruction Dialog - Maximum Count of Pages = 20 <Integer (Constant)>" The pages are counted though triggers and require no additional effort (see pictures). Upon closing and...
Vote Kick in Action

Simple Vote Kick

Apr 15, 2016 Release
Comes with an open and close button. When player clicks open button, picks each player in active players and creates a list displaying each players name in their team color and adjusts to the proper Y dimension of the dialog. This means that even if a player has left, it will be updated. It is ready for 15 players but will work even with 4 player... 3 players would need to vote for 1 player to leave. This voting system is designed to allow for kicking without just allowing half of the players...