Dark Terran

Dark Terran Update

Aug 17, 2014 Planning
Just an update from this asset. I just wanted to have Dark Terran buildings/effects/portraits/models so I started this project basing into that asset. This contains HotS assets, so be carefull when importing if you do not own this expansion.

Tomura's Shooter Systems

Aug 17, 2014 Planning
Since I've moved on to Unreal Engine 4 ( if you are interested) I have decided to upload my work here so some of you can use it or learn from it. So I present you my shooter system. This one is probably quite advanced in terms of functionality, since I've tried to really add some features that are not really standard to SC2. It also includes a modified version of the SC2 Spectre that has additional animations for strafing, reloading, etc. Some of...
Air Defense #2

Modern Warfare Assets

Aug 17, 2014 Release
SC2-style models/textures based on existing and prototype aircraft, vehicles and technology made from a mix of stock SC2 assets, and custom textures. The goal is to provide low to medium poly assets that sort of resemble their real-life counterparts, rather than extremely high poly model ports that would be otherwise sized in dozens of MB of textures and meshes. Made possible only with NiNtoxicated and Leruster's 3DS Max m3 plugin and Blizz's SC2 Art Tools. Unless specified, most models...
Cover 5

Thrikodias's Assets

Aug 05, 2014 Release
A collection of models (usually kitbashes) and textures made or modified by me. Requirement dependencies are listed under the caveats section for individual files. BorgDragon's tutorial should be used for the textures. The textures also have pretty large filesizes, so you may want to resize them. It should be noted that I don't necessarily take requests, however I will make an exception if I like an idea. Please give credit to Thrikodias. Also, thanks to NiNtoxicated01 and Leruster for the...
Tassadar Tank

Av Model

Aug 04, 2014 Release
Hello everyone! I will renew my channel and thereby start with a late model where slowly I'm getting better as I learn more things about 3dmax. I hope you like and that you leave some reviews on them, but do not know much but I would like to know if you like them or not. Greetings to all! Marine Templar MK II Marine Templar Alley Viper Sc2 (Ghost) Alley Viper Sc 2 Portrait Alley viper Cobra Urban assault Cobra Infantry Night Viper Marine Berserk Weird Robot assault: Tracker Heavy Robot:...

NanaKey's ModernWarAsset

Aug 04, 2014 Release
Hi everyone, this is a new share mod from Nanakey and Delphinium. This mod focuses on modern war weapons like missiles, tanks, ships and aircraft. For now it's still a fully finished mod but already has plenty units ready for your call. If you are working on a modern war related project or have such a plan, I think this asset mod will be helpful. Since this mod is still in progress and more units will be added, I would like to...

Unit/Wireframe/Shield Icons Generator

Aug 04, 2014 Planning
Hi everyone, this is a small tool that allow you to get all icons (Unit/Wireframe/Shield01/Shield02/Shield03) which fit SC2 standard rulers from a simple screenshot. 1) Install the atn file to your photoshop. 2) Attach the SC2mod inside which contains a black plane (you can easy get a black background in cutscene editor), and get a square (or nearly square) screenshot of your new model with black background. 3) Draw the screenshot into your photoshop and run the "get Unit/Wireframe/Shield...
Showoff pic

Taylor Mouse's SC2 Models

Aug 03, 2014 Release
I will be posting my models here. So download them from the files list Hope you like'm T.

WASD 8 way directional

Aug 01, 2014 Release
An overhead WASD 8 way directional with strafing - Games like Death TV, and Templar TV movement. Some example abilities attached. Check video.

Universe of Starcraft

Jul 24, 2014 Planning
This starcraft project is started because I would like a creat a starcraft mod that shows the storyline of starcraft in RPG style game. (This is the Assets section any of my assets(models, sounds, icons) will uploaded here, the maps/campaings will updloaded here when the project is realesed: (still not created map section)) The project includes: Multiplayer: You can play with heroes in battle arenas, instances, dungeons, raids. Map types:, Capture the flag.(like warsong gulch in wow) Battle...

Storymode Spectermarine

Jul 18, 2014 Release

Hash Lib

Jun 26, 2014 Release
Hash Lib 2.0.1 Reuploaded This is a reupload of magnificence7's hash Libary. He used MIT License for his newest Version so i reuploaded it under the same License. If you dont know what Hash functions are visit Usage To generate a hash code, you need to have some input to digest. In this library that's called the 'hash input'. You fill the hash input and then generate a hash code from that. There are some actions to fill the hash input. The first action we need to use it the...
Repair Bot

SoulFilcher's Models

Jun 25, 2014 Release
RELEASED MODELS AND TEXTURES "SC1" models. These are models tweaked to look more like they did in SC1 and BW. Ion Cannon: Made from WoL Data Core structure, no custom textures. Hydralisk: Made from WoL Hydralisk to look like the SC1 version. Guardian/Devourer Cocoon made from WoL Broodlord Cocoon. Ultralisk Cavern made from WoL version. Battlecruiser / Magistrate Collins portrait. Overmind portrait. Supply Depot. Young Chrysalis. High Templar. SCV. Finished models. These are models released...

Pirated Assets

Jun 24, 2014 Release
Various data assets that you may find useful. Feel free to use these in your mods. Credit is appreciated but unnecessary. Instead please name something cool in your map after me. Includes: Neutral Bunkers. These bunkers shift ownership to whichever player has units occupying it (and becomes neutral again once exited). Upon reaching 20% life the bunker kicks out any occupants and cannot be entered until repaired. Global Backstab. Giving this behavior to a unit causes it to take 150% damage...
MSeverns' Assets

MSeverns' Assets

Jun 24, 2014 Release
A collection of models by MSeverns This pack contains Samir Duran model, wireframe, textures Raszagal portrait, model, wireframe, shield wireframe. Overmind Cocoon model

Diablo 3 Icon Pack

Jun 13, 2014 Inactive
A sample of diablo 3 skill icons, compressed in .dds format.
Mercenary Dropship

SoulFilcher/Ghostnova Assets

Jun 05, 2014 Release
This is where the models and assets that both myself and SoulFilcher have worked on can be found. COMPLETE LIST Alexei Stukov unit. Alexei Stukov portrait. Protoss Battlecruiser. Drone evolution: Purple. Dark Nullifier. Mercenary Dropship.

Credits Example

May 30, 2014 Inactive
quick example of a user data based credits function. feel free to use in your maps. no need to give credit.
All doodads Part 1

All Doodads

May 24, 2014 Inactive
This is an image pack with all the doodads of the editor. Every files are named. You could search through them in your explorer. The main idea of this image pack is to make the searching process much faster to be able to focus on the creation itself. All pictures and image packs are uploaded! Good terraining!

JArch's Assets

May 17, 2014 Release
I've decided to upload most of the models I've created lately, as I find it selfish not to release my mediocre models. All of the models use in game textures and use WoL only assets (Will be marked if they use HoTs). I can't really model so none of these are amazing or high end things. I also moved my old assets here cause its a pain to manage multiple asset pages (not that the others were very active). I don't really take requests but if its easy enough I'll probably do it. Click on FILES at...