Blizzcon 2013 Information Dump!

Blizzcon 2013

Hey guys! As many of you probably know, Blizzcon 2013 is going on as we speak, and it's awesome! For all the latest updates, please keep an eye on this thread.

Here's some of the biggest announcements and videos so far. Again, be sure to check this thread for the full list of details!

The Opening Ceremony

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Trailer

Heroes of the Storm Cinematic Trailer

Heroes of the Storm Developer Interview:

Starcraft 2 & The Arcade

First of all, the Starcraft 2 Arcade is now free, meaning anybody can play your maps even if they haven't purchased starcraft 2. Next, the level cap has been raised to 35 and you'll get some brand new Carbot decals and portraits. And hey, if you don't like those, you can make your own with the new custom clan-decal system! Speaking of clans, groups and clans can now schedule events within the client to make grouping up easier than ever. Next, we've got a new map pool and a remastered version of the soundtrack!

More information will be added as it becomes available! Click here for the complete list of what's happened so far!

Free-to-Play Arcade Interview

Heroes of the Storm Panel

Heroes of the Storm Carbot Animation

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Part 1

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Part 2

More gameplay videos are available here.

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