Update on the Upload-Bug

Posted by s3rius Aug 12, 2011 at 17:00 UTC

A while ago we posted about a bug that causes players to drop from custom games.

It's probably not the uploading itself which causes errors, but the time players spend in the lobby before they start.
Games which fill up quickly and start usually don't make problems, while games that are slow to fill up drop players more often.

Again, this is only speculation, but several people already pointed this out to me.

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Adventures of Goku Firebat Again!

Posted by Sixen Aug 11, 2011 at 13:09 UTC

Community Project by You!

We're hosting another community project here on Mapster, this time around we're going to make an entire new/playable/balanced race! We're calling all data editors, artists, and creative thinkers together, so feel free to join in the fun because we can't do it without you! ;)

In addition, Sixen is going to be doing a Path of Exile Closed Beta Key giveaway on DiabloFans within the next day or so!

Adventures of Goku Firebat by zenx1

We saw the first two chapters quite some time ago, and zenx is back with three all new chapters (the last is in his thread). Doesn't seem to me like a full map project that people can download and play, just more like a movie/cinematic type thing for your enjoyment, :).

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Nuke Tac Toe

Posted by Sixen Aug 08, 2011 at 17:03 UTC

Nuke Tac Toe by Olsenn

It's just a simple game of Tic Tac Toe... with a twist. You play tic-tac-toe against your opponent by dropping nukes on the square where you want to place your X or O. Each square has neutral units engaging in battle so the nukes have something to destroy, and the camera zooms in and pans around while the nukes are dropped, so you can see the destruction up close. This map is short, sweet, and to the point! Not only does it support play against a human, but you may also play versus an AI if you wish!

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Posted by Sixen Aug 06, 2011 at 07:10 UTC

Do you have any feedback for Blizzard's Tutorials in the Maps n' Mods section? Let me know about it either on the Forums or right here on Mapster! Like I did previously with the Editor and Popularity System Feedback/Suggestions, I plan on creating a document and sending this into Blizzard to hopefully help them help us!

Cube³ by Doubotis

Seems like Doubotis has released a proof of concept for his EDGE-styled project within SC2. It really reminds me of the old marble game from years ago, where your goal was to just roll it around an obstacle course to the end (kinda sorta like Labyrinth, I suppose). Not only do you get to roll around as an awesome cube throughout the game, but you also have access to an in-game "editor", where you can adjust different tile data, as well as place new blocks down to create your very own boards. Whether or not he comes out with a map of this style, I do agree, this is another good example of the many possibilities we have with the GalaxyEditor.

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Project StrikeCraft

Posted by Sixen Aug 04, 2011 at 05:10 UTC

Looks like we've got some cool new news, Rodrigo dug up an article by IGN from Dustin Browder just recently. In addition, Blizzard released a Starter Edition of SC2, which allows you to play several online maps, like StarJeweled. Lastly, the BlizzCon Virtual Tickets are online and available for purchase now!

Also, for anyone interested, I went ahead and uploaded the BlizzCon 2010 Custom Maps Panel to our YouTube channel.

Project StrikeCraft by gamvfr

If you are familiar with counterstrike or shadowrun, bascially everyone starts with a set amount of money and can buy weapons before each round starts. Players gain money as they get kills or win rounds. This map will be round based so each team will get equal chance to play the objective or play each side of the map. There will be 2 teams, the ghosts and the spectres. Both have the same stats its just how you build your character will be the difference. How will this be different than any other FPS map, you ask? Simple...

  • The ability to detect headshots (and accuracy, depending on the recoil of the weapon and the accuracy of the weapon itself)
  • The crosshairs move as your character either moves or aims so accuracy changes
  • The ability to fire between cliff heights and flying vs ground
  • Hit marker detection relative to your camera facing.
  • Smooth first camera view.
  • Able to pick up weapons and drop them while keeping their ammo clips saved.
  • Instead of key events it is replaced by ability movements by command card. Lag is non-existing.
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