Magicide & Starcraft 2 Sell

Posted by Sixen Nov 22, 2011 at 22:09 UTC

Starcraft 2 Black Friday Sell By Blizzard

Looks like Starcraft 2 has gone on sale for the holidays (50% off, now only $29.99). If you need a gift for someone, another account for map storage, or to finally get a SC2 for another region, now's the best time! The offer ends on Monday the 28th and is only available in US and Canada. Click here for Blizzard Store to order your copy!


Like it or not, it’s pretty much the law that you have to buy gifts for everyone at this time of year. Thankfully, Blizzard has your back, because now you can deliver a $60 gift for less than 30 bucks. For a limited time, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is available for a mere $29.99 - that’s 50% off the suggested retail price.

Magicide by Eiviyn

In short, this project is simply a hero creator. The goal is to let you create any hero you can think of. You are given a blank slate hero with a single spell, tasked to turn it into something great, useful or just downright stupid. Entirely your call. Your blank hero may have up to 5 spells and 5 abilities (described in detail below). This may seem a lot compared to traditional DotA maps, but the game makes little use of item abilities so it evens out somewhat. Currently the only map terrain available is Azure Strand, which is an Arathi Basin (Or LoL's Dominion) style base capture gameplay. Capture and hold bases, gain points, be the first team to reach the points cap. Win.

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Knights and Merchants

Posted by Sixen Nov 20, 2011 at 09:36 UTC

Knights and Merchants by TwoDie

This project evolved from the Empires & Nations II map by Anteep, which displays quite a bit of Age of Empires gameplay elements. As you can see from the video, there are a ton of custom assets in use (which will all be redone in the future) as well as a custom AI. I suggest checking out the project page for more videos and gameplay tips. While you're there, feel free to leave some feedback!

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Posted by Sixen Nov 18, 2011 at 11:30 UTC

Xxio from TeamLiquid wrote up a rather nice article on the importance of custom maps in the eSports scene, which any Melee mappers would certainly be interested in.

Galaxy 6000 by MiketheSspike

This map is a remake of the NES, 4 player racing game, Galaxy 5000, and includes all of the original 10 tracks and 5 vehicles. This project really reminds me of the old F-Zero games and maybe even Blizzard's own Rock 'n Roll Racing.

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GE Enhancement, D3 Tutorial, Doodad Template

Posted by Sixen Nov 14, 2011 at 23:19 UTC

Blizzard has released some new SC2 Fanart, pretty sweet stuff, go check it out!

GalaxyEditor Enhancement by Renee

This is a pretty awesome "plug-in" for the Editor made by Renee. It's just an SC2Mod that you add to your maps, but it adds a slew of new Trigger functions and XML data you can take advantage of.

D3 Models to SC2 by Corbo

This tutorial does exactly what it says, it's a quick and easy way to convert Diablo III Models to SC2 Models! This means we can make even better Diablo-esque maps, :).

Map Template Doodad by Saeris

This tutorial goes over the process of taking a scanned sketch, cleaning it up, creating vector outlines from it in Illustrator, saving it as a texture and applying it to a model, and finally Importing it into the Galaxy editor where it covers how to make it a doodad and it's basic use for blocking out terrain.

The great thing about using a template like this is how much faster it makes creating terrain. Before this, you'd have to really eyeball your terrain layout and hope that you've got equal sizes around your maps, or, spend hours looking at the grid and trying to match things up that way if you wanted any sort of symmetrical map. More complex designs, such as circular layouts, are easier than ever before with this technique. Plus, if your map ends up being too big or too small, all you need to do is resize the map bounds and the doodad, and you don't have to start all that tiresome work over again.

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Marine Tug of War

Posted by Molsterr Nov 12, 2011 at 01:36 UTC

Marine Tug of War by HavingFunMakingMaps


Classic remake of the original Starcraft: Broodwar Marine Tug of War game in a 1v1 or 2v2 style.

Both sides struggle to push their lane of Marines to their enemy's final line of defense. Their only chance is to use their limited resource to upgrade, purchase recruits or special spells.

Some spells include Airstrikes which demolishes entire enemy lines. Mustard gas that extinguishes all biological enemy units on the field. Mighty Thors that will squish any enemy unit it walks on.

You and your ally must control both air and ground by intensive micromanagement and creative strategies to outwit your enemies and claim victory.

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