Posted by Molsterr Dec 06, 2011 at 23:47 UTC

UPDATE: Blizzard released their fifth Maps & Mods tutorial, this time covering the Data Editor.

Blizzard released some new fan art the other day, check it out!

CraftCraftby A1win

CraftCraft is a co-op mining, construction, and exploration map with mostly defensive combat. Its development is still in progress.


  • Procedurally generated, epic-sized map with a minable object on nearly every tile
  • Co-op for 1-8 players against computer controlled, randomly spawning enemies
  • Power grid system to make base management interesting
  • Resource management system with various different resources
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The Dominion Strikes Back

Posted by Molsterr Dec 04, 2011 at 09:00 UTC

The Dominion Strikes Back by oldschool01

Much like how Blizzard's 'Left2Die' is a nod to Valve's 'Left4dead', 'The Dominion Strikes Back' is a nod to Starwar's 'The Empire Strikes Back'. The map re-imagines if a 'Battle of Hoth'-like fight took place in the world of Starcraft 2.

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Blizzards Custom Map Spotlight

Posted by Molsterr Dec 01, 2011 at 01:52 UTC

Blizzards Custom Map Spotlight by Blizzard

Blizzard posted last week two new maps for their Custom Map Spotlight. One of which is from our very own gamfvr.

Star Battle

First up we have Star Battle. You may remember we put this map in the news awhile back.


Map Title: Star Battle
Category: Ship Battle
Mode: 6v6
Author: zedu
Description: Star Battle is a 6v6 map that allows you to command powerful warships in space. Join a battle between Terran and Protoss warfleets and crush your enemies with highly customizable ships of war. Enjoy this large-scale, DotA-esque battle of push your way to the enemy command center. Be careful, the risks are high and there is no respawn.

Star Shooter Defense

Next up we have Star Shooter Defense, as luck would have it, we had this placed in the same article as the other map (odd huh?). Don't forget to stop by his thread to give him any new feedback!


Map Title: Star Shooter Defense
Category: Shooter
Mode:3rd Person
Author: gamfvr.
Description: A 3rd person shooter where you defend your base against incoming enemy troops. Pick one of five iconic Terran units and battle in the frontlines as you beat back wave after wave of assailing enemies. Each class has their own unique skills and abilities so level up, gain minerals from your kills and call down reinforcements to survive all 50 waves.

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Death Depot

Posted by Sixen Nov 29, 2011 at 08:11 UTC

Death Depot by NarcoticNite

Death Depot is a first person, survival horror game, that is loosely based off of malu05's Project Vector. The project includes an original story, boss battles, custom music and sounds, as well as up to 4 players cooperatively!

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Hive Keeper Update

Posted by Molsterr Nov 26, 2011 at 03:34 UTC

Hive keeper by Bibendus

A new Hive Keeper development diary is out showing the new unit's UI and leveling system. Im sure you remember this from past news articles. Make sure to keep on eye on it as it looks to be turning out very nice.

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