XML Data Editor Tutorial

Posted by Molsterr Oct 01, 2011 at 03:03 UTC

XML Data Editor Tutorial by OneTwoSC

As you all know, patch 1.4 added some great new things to the editor. One of these new additions was the xml view for the data editor. Our one and only OneTwoSC once again gives us another fantastic tutorial, this time giving us the basics of this new feature, and how you can use it to speed up your development time. Make sure to give this video a look.

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Heroes of Might and Magic

Posted by Molsterr Sep 29, 2011 at 03:03 UTC

Heroes of Might and Magic by Zolden

Heroes of Might and Magic for Starcraft 2 is a unique realtime version of HoMM. In this map you have a hero and a castle. The castle produces income and troops while your hero leads armies to conqure kingdoms. There are four races with unique units and skills: human, elf, warlock and wizard. This game also uses some nice custom models (from wow) to give its units a great look (aka a dragon is really a dragon) Make sure to check this map out!

Note: You can view part 2 and 3 of this video in his project page here

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Posted by Molsterr Sep 27, 2011 at 04:23 UTC

StormKeep by Ninjacore studios

Two teams of 5 players each are placed in separate arenas and pitted against one another in a desperate attempt for survival, each team's objective is simple: survive longer than the other team. As simple as this may sound; the amount of depth provided in StormKeep make it possible for near endless ways to reach this goal.

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Protis Sniper and Academy Challenge

Posted by Sixen Sep 24, 2011 at 08:09 UTC

UPDATE: Make sure you vote for the 2nd map for the MOTW program. Additionally, if you have any video editing skills, you may be able to help us make a MOTW trailer. If you are interested, send us a PM.

Make a Protis Sniper and Academy by YOU!

The recent 1.4 patch brought about a bunch of balance changes, as well as a Situation Report to explain some of the ideas behind the changes that were made. For some reason, the infamous Protis Sniper meme that has been on the Bnet Forums popped back into my head (seems like it always does when balance changes are discussed, :X), and I thought that it'd be awesome for us, as a community, to make a playable unit out of him. That being said, as a community, come up with a Protoss Ghost unit and an accompanying Protoss Ghost Academy (name still up in the air!). Yes, we need to come up with everything for both the unit and the building, as I want this to be a full blown custom unit. Once everything is complete, someone (myself?) will put it all together and put the unit/building into a Mod to be used as a Dependency for anyone who wants to use it!

  • Concept Art (for the lulz?)
  • Lore (for more lulz!)
  • Model
  • Animations
  • 3D Portrait
  • Icon
  • 2D Wireframe
  • Weapon (we need a Protoss gun, or could just use the Terran Ghost weapon)
  • Spells/Abilities (Psionic Nuke or something along those lines, Sniper Round, Cloak, and something equivalent to EMP for Protoss)
  • Upgrades (probably just Protoss Shields/Armor/Ground)
  • Anything else I may have missed

And some number crunching...

  • Move speed
  • Damage
  • Health/Shield/Energy
  • Cost (both unit and building)
  • Where the building shows up in the tech tree

I've also locked this newspost so we can keep the discussion to the thread.

Moonglade Remake Terrain

Posted by Sixen Sep 22, 2011 at 07:20 UTC

With the release of patch 1.4 just yesterday, Mexa has spotted some new additions to the Galaxy API! Those of you interested, check 'em out!

Moonglade Remake Terrain Showcase by TheHolyArk

TheHolyArk has been working on a beautiful remake of the WoW city, Moonglade, where the Night Elf and Tauren Druids unite and dwell peacefully, sharing the Nature's secrets amongst themselves. This is an amazingly done remake of the city, which takes advantage of the exact WoW models, via Molsterr's WoW to SC2 in 30 seconds tutorial.

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