Night of the Dead Updates

Posted by Sixen Sep 01, 2011 at 06:19 UTC

At the ActivisionBlizzard Analyst Day Webcast, Mike Morhaime announced that the Map Marketplace would be coming with HotS, and that Blizzard DotA would be a new game mode in HotS as well... He said game mode, not map or mod. This means that we'll be able to "quick join" Blizzard DotA matches on a Ladder, exactly like how we do in Melee. Seems like a great idea... Automated Matchmaking system, ladder, etc for Blizzard DotA.

Night of the Dead by Ability1

Night of the Dead has received a major update just recently and is slated for some even bigger ones once the Heart of the Swarm is released by Blizzard. For those of you that don't know what NotD is, you can check out all previous videos/trailers released by Ability1 over the last year or so in his thread. Essentially, NotD is an 8-player co-op survival game, so think: Call of Duty Nazi Zombies, or Gear of Wars' Horde Mode.

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Heavy Iron and Blizzard Interview

Posted by Molsterr Aug 29, 2011 at 02:57 UTC

Heavy Iron pt2 by Crainy

Some of you may remember the 40 second teaser we had in the news awhile back . This time Crainy came back with a down right amazing trailer for his gameplay. Take a look.

Interview comments on map community by

Some very interesting news came from this interview. What seems to be the most interesting is the comment blizzard made about "At the top of the list right now is improving the custom game experience." This is fantastic news for us all indeed.


Can you talk about some of the new features for the Galaxy Map Editor in the next expansion?

Jonny Ebbert: I'm not sure if I can. We are working on things for the mod community, but don't have to announce anything. We are constantly working on the editor, not only for the fans, but also for us. So it's constantly work in progress. We see the mods that are cool and so amazing and we do hear about the limitations and frustrations. We do listen to that and when it is possible we try to add this things to the editor.


Features like Waaagh!TV where you can just jump into a game and watch it?

BC: (smiling) That stuff is always on our internal wish-list, but it is always a matter of prioritizing: What can we do? How may resources do we have for this instance? So it is a matter of prioritizing which things first. We can say that the Market Place related stuff is really improving the custom game search. Players [will] being able to weight their new custom games, making that whole process of finding a good mod better. That's at or near the top of the list right now. Everything else is just kind of aligning after that.

JE: What's really awesome on is that we don't have to wait for a product to come out to release the improvement. So if something doesn't get in with Heart of the Swarm, we don't have to wait until Legacy [of the Void] to ship it.


In StarCraft II the observation system with the stats and everything was a huge enhancement compared to your previous games. Can we expect further eSport enhancements for the community in Heart of the Swarm? For example the ability to watch you replay together with many other people is missing or the ability to follow a competition like it used to be with Waaagh!TV.

JE: We will not tell you about that until BlizzCon, like new features for eSports or things like that.

BC: It's kind of a similar question like what we talked about earlier: All of those things, they are on the list of things that we want to do. It's just a matter of prioritizing. Just because we have an expansion doesn't mean this is the only chance we have to cram these things in. We patched in a lot of improvements to Battle.Net and we added the chat rooms, we had some new content with the custom maps. So those kind of features can come in between releases and then post. So I think there is many more room to add some of those. At the top of the list right now is improving the custom game experience.

Make sure to check out some more great information found in this thread

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Fun Starcraft Cartoon and WTE Preview

Posted by Molsterr Aug 28, 2011 at 03:21 UTC

Don't forget to check out patch 1.4 notes here

Starcraft cartoon by DarkTampellar

Some of you may remember the comic we put in the news a few months back. Though no more of the comics were translated into English, he has now translated the cartoon for us. Enjoy!

Around the Community by you!

As always, we have some very impressive screenshots from the Weekly Terraining Exercise this week. This weeks theme is "Haunted forests". Take a look what some of the users have put up already.

Make sure to take a look at the thread, as there are some very nice shots there. Also don't forget to take a look at some of the older weeks as well!

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PTR Patch 1.4

Posted by Sixen Aug 25, 2011 at 17:19 UTC

Looks like major press sites and fansites are receiving pre-invites for the Diablo III Beta. Be cautious, because if you do not own/run either, be careful!

Patch 1.4 on PTR by Blizzard

Looks like Patch 1.4 went live on the PTR yesterday afternoon, with a ton of stuff in regards to the Editor! Since the list is so big, I've stuck it in the forum thread, check out the patch notes there. There are Editor changes/improvements as well as bug fixes to Custom Maps in general, along with the Editor. I'm excited, there's a lot of stuff!

Blizzcon 2011 Pet Revealed by Blizzard


An ill omen streaks across the sky over Azeroth's Great Sea, heralding the arrival of this year's BlizzCon-exclusive World of Warcraft in-game companion: the fearsome-ish Murkablo, aquatic protégé of Diablo III's eponymous Lord of Terror! Anyone who attends BlizzCon 2011 or purchases this year's BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will receive a Murkablo to call their own, along with a yet-to-be-revealed StarCraft II in-game gift.

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Lunar Harvest

Posted by Sixen Aug 23, 2011 at 05:45 UTC

For those curious, Blizzard opened up the new Diablo III Community Site, :).

Lunar Harvest by BoldyGo

Over the Summer, BoldyGo was hired by NASA's Langley Research Center (presumably as an intern/temp) to build map in Starcraft II. Before I begin about his map, think about that: his job was to make SC2 Maps for a NASA Research Center. How epic is that?! Not only that he was able to get paid to make SC2 Maps, but the sheer fact that NASA has research jobs available for SC2 Map Developers.

As far as his map goes, it seems to me like a simply extended melee-type map, where you have to collect/mine resources and fight against other players to obtain them. Think something along the lines of Blizzard's Burning Tide map.

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