Galaxy Vampirism

Posted by Sixen Jul 11, 2011 at 06:28 UTC

UPDATE: Blizzard has announced their plan for region linking. At the start of Season 3 it will link North America and Latin America, EU and Russia, Korea and Taiwan together. Hopefully all regions will be linked to one in the near future when we have the technology.

Galaxy Vampirism by KorvinGump

This map implements the mechanics of the classical Vampirism Fire 4.02b of Warcraft 3, but will not be a complete replicate. That in mind, it will only be using the mechanics, all other data, such as units, icons, etc, will be created fresh and used specifically for this project. For more information (and 3 more videos) check out the project thread.

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Warcraft: A New Dawn

Posted by Sixen Jul 09, 2011 at 09:50 UTC

Warcraft: A New Dawn by RoarMan

Has anyone been longing for a continuation on the War3 storyline? Have you been waiting for Warcraft4, even? RoarMan and his team of developers have been working hard on recreating War3 on the SC2 engine as well as creating campaign missions that take place after Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. They have a ton of race/hero information on their website as well as a cool teaser trailer below. If you want to leave them feedback, don't forget to drop by their project page.

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Posted by progammer Jul 07, 2011 at 03:55 UTC

StarCrap Episode 1 by Demonik420

StarCrap is a machinima series from Demonik420 done completely with sc2 editor. The story revolves around several main characters from all 3 races. The first episode is about the the protoss and terran fleet in a race to retrieve an artifact. Every character has his own unique voice actor. The story might be cheesy and voice might be unclear at times but the series's cinematic and terrain work is just amazingly impressive. Check out the trailer for this series that parody SC2's official trailer and the 15 minute long first episode below. Episode 2: Betrayal will be coming soon.

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Element TD

Posted by progammer Jul 05, 2011 at 06:15 UTC


We're looking for a new person to run Triggering Thursdays from now on. If you're interested, send Mozared a PM with "Triggering Thursday" as the subject. Unfortunately, today's show has been cancelled due to some scheduling issues. Terraining Tuesday will instead take place this Thursday, after which the schedule will return to normal.

Element TD by Karawasa

After months in the work and countless delay, Element TD has finally been released. Karawasa, author of the wc3 version has kept the gameplay true to its competitive nature. With 30+ towers and upgrades, 60 waves of enemies with different attribute and special abilities, there are many different strategies to build your defense. The competitive multiplayer TD also guarantee a risk-rewards scenario for all player involved (for example, once a person cleared his way, the next wave start for everyone else regardless of their status.) You can visit its website for more information on tower, rules, etc ... Otherwise the map is published for NA and EU. Enjoy this remake of the famous TD map from wc3 that I once took part in its development process. See the video below for all kind of visual pleasure that you demand

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Zone Control

Posted by Sixen Jul 03, 2011 at 10:15 UTC

Just FYI for everyone, i'll be going on a short vacation (will be back Thursday), though I trust the Moderating team will be able to take care of everything, ;).

Zone Control by playlessNamer

Anyone want a different version of Zone Control from the original? This project will be for you - it's being developed to not be an exact replicate of the original SC1 Zone Control Map. There's several different unit choices with some pretty sweet unique abilities on each, but of course, the original concept is still there... Use those units to take control of the map! I have to admit, I really dig the terrain; someone could totally use that for a Chess map. The video below showcases the terrain and plenty of gameplay for those of you curious about it.

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