Natural Selection Open PRG

Posted by zeldarules28 May 29, 2014 at 05:57 UTC

Natural Selection Open RPG by Zero0018

Update If any of you are planning on entering Blizzard's "Rock the Cabinet" contest, make sure to review this final checklist so you can be sure everything is ready to go!

Some of you might remember Zero's open RPG map from last year. The map is now titled "Natural Selection Open PRG" and it's fully released.

Zero has created a short video to explain the map's new features. Check it out below!

Feel free to try out the map on, and be sure leave Zero your feedback in the map forum here!

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The Doodad Picture Project

Posted by Mozared May 25, 2014 at 18:28 UTC

Doodad Picture Project by Scbroodsc2

In an on-going effort to make mapping in StarCraft 2 easier for all of us, a terraining asset has reared its head amidst all of the trigger and data libraries that are usually posted. User Scbroodsc2, otherwise known as 'Fenix', has started and finished a project in which he has taken screenshots of every single WoL and HotS doodad currently in the editor. What is the point of this, you may ask? Well, it's sort of a mental support tool for the active terrainer: busy making a terrain and forgot what that one doodad was called? Simply scroll through the pictures to find it and you'll have the name. Need some doodad inspiration to figure out what looks good in your map? The Doodad Picture Project has you covered.

Doodad Picture Project Example

The project page is linked above, and the discussion thread for the project can be found here.

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Death TV

Posted by Sixen May 22, 2014 at 02:35 UTC

Death TV by DeadZergling

In the not so distant future, game-shows begin incorporating death into their weekly programming as a result of constant lobbying by the PAOP (People Against Over Population). Many greats started as a result of all this: Climb for Dollars, Senior Shoot-Out, and more... But none came even close to the carnage and popularity of Death TV. Death TV features technologically advanced gladiators against insane numbers and odds, at all times. PAOP claims no other game show has done more for citizen unity!

No other game show features bigger prizes, more carnage, or sheer insanity. The catch? You have to live to claim your prizes! So far, no one has done that yet... The next lucky contestant, is you!

Game Features:

  • Advanced Weaponry to quickly take down your foes:
    • Blaster (Basic Starter Gun)
    • Freeze Ray
    • Spread Rifle
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Railgun
    • Wurm Gun (Alien pez dispenser)
    • Nuke-O-Matic
    • D.E.A.T.H. Gun
  • Outrageous Power-ups to aid in your victory:
    • Cloaking Field
    • Force Field
    • Quint Damage
    • Gemini Fire Multiplier
    • Instant Enemy Exploder
    • Healing Packs (Lame but necessary)
  • WASD/Arrow Key movement system with mouse aiming, very similar to what was available in the original.
  • Many of the old enemies with new twists, and entirely new types of foes to take down.

Game Link: starcraft://map/1/236012

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The Thing - Arctic

Posted by Sixen May 17, 2014 at 02:18 UTC

The Thing - Arctic by ShadowDancer93

This game is a multiplayer game for up to 12 players based on the universe and events as seen in the movie The Thing (1982). Starcraft has seen many iterations of The Thing games, however this project combines all the good parts and brings the experience to a new level. The Thing is an organism that consumes the host and shapes its cells to imitate it. Players don't know which team members may already have been assimilated... In a game of paranoia, trust, lies, and screams, you must determine who the Thing is, and slay him, before he slays you, through various different means.

Go play the game:

Some key features:

  • Blood Tests that can be used on yourself or others to proof who is human and who isn't.
  • Infection system where players that get killed by a Thing become a Thing themselves.
  • Gain experience points and level up to improve your stats and unlock fun perks.
  • Team Killing penalty system to prevent griefing.
  • Customizable player characters, create your own class. You can create up to 5.
  • Items that spawn in crates and cabinets, get drunk on whiskey or eat canned food.
  • Barricades that allow players to create doors wherever they please.
  • Dark atmosphere in the icy environment of Antarctica.
  • Slowly freeze when you stay outdoors.
  • Failed imitations roam the map, forcing players to group up.
  • Players that die without infection can control the failed imitations and help The Thing.
  • Three rounds of gameplay per lobby.
  • Dogs
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Posted by Sixen May 13, 2014 at 00:37 UTC

STARDRIVE by Batomys

The goal of the game is to defend your capital ship from attackers by constructing defensive turrets, garrisoning shipboard infantry and launching attack squadrons. As such, this can be classified as a choose-your-own adventure game with many different paths and ways to play. Seeing as how this project is currently in alpha, Batomys is currently seeking feedback, which you may feel free to leave on his thread or his project page

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