The Antioch Chronicles

Posted by Sixen Jul 04, 2015 at 02:18 UTC

The Antioch Chronicles by LucidIguana


In 1998, not long after StarCraft was released, a mapmaker calling himself Auspex Turmalis (Ruben Moreno) released episode 1 of a custom campaign that he called The Antioch Chronicles. The campaign featured custom audio, perhaps most notable for how well Auspex reproduced the Protoss audio effects. Also impressive was the fact that Auspex recorded all of the character voices himself.

Episode 2 was released in 1999. For the second campaign, creative duties were split between Auspex and Zeus Legion (Eric Dieter), with additional voice support acting by Ytse-Jam (Juan Mantilla) and Macbeth (Eric Ladd). By the release of Episode 2, the Antioch Chronicles had gathered a large and active fan base.

Unfortunately, a promised Episode 3 never came to fruition. Still, the first two episodes did much to shape the early StarCraft modding community and remain in the popular conscious fifteen years later. For more information about the Antioch Chronicles, visit the website.

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Curse of Tristram Updates

Posted by Sixen Jun 20, 2015 at 23:44 UTC

Diablo: Curse of Tristram by egodbout

egodbout is here to show us some UI updates and the first few minutes of gameplay of the Curse of Tristram. I have to say, this mod looks fantastic, it's unbelievable to me that these are the kinds of products we can create, when looking back on the mapping and modding that ensued back in the SC1 days, and even during the early days with SC2. /nostalgia

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Indiegogo: Starcrafts

Posted by Sixen Jun 11, 2015 at 03:27 UTC

Starcrafts Indiegogo by Carbots & Team

I think this one is pretty straightforward, we all love what Carbots has been doing with his Starcrafts series, lets go show our love and support for his cause!


Carbot Animations has been creating StarCrafts episodes for almost 3 years now! We love the Starcraft community and have been very lucky to have received such positive responses from our cartoons for the past 3 years! You guys are awesome! And so, after many requests and comments and begging, we are finally taking the cartoon style animation and reskinning it into the Starcraft 2 game!

Everything from a tree to a battlecruiser, buildings, landscapes, doodads (props), ect, everything! The mod will be custom game in the arcade, with a series of different maps to play against and with your friends. It is not accessible as a skin on the Starcraft 2 ladder, but maybe one day this dream could come true (BLIZZARD PLZ). The Starcrafts Mod will be accessible in the Starcrafts arcade for free!

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War3 Unit Tester

Posted by Sixen May 19, 2015 at 02:51 UTC

War3 Unit Tester by KorvinGump

This testing map offers the following features for your development enhancement:

  • Filter units by type: all, hero, item, unit, structure, destructible, projectile.
  • Create units of selected unit name.
  • Create units for player, neutral and hostile. Supports up to 14 players (have not tested yet).
  • Create all units at once (almost 2k units).
  • Create units at random point, at point of view, at point on grid. You can setup grid location with step x, step y, direction and start point.
  • Create random unit from chosen unit type.
  • Set up number of units to create.
  • Remove selected units.
  • Remove all units on map.
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Posted by Sixen Apr 28, 2015 at 01:31 UTC

Starcruisers by sandround


This project was formally known as Mobile Battle Fortress. Each space vessel has been changed to look more like star ships, hence the name change. Its been a while since this project was updated, and here's a new video to reflect the new change. All the other gameplay elements will remain the same. Each star ship is made up of modules that upgrade into weapons. The starship is powered by reactor modules and moved by engine modules. Everything requires power, so the idea is to manuever your vulnerable reactors and engines away from enemy fire. There's a lot of different class of star ships.

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