Corruption ORPG

Posted by progammer Dec 04, 2010 at 00:34 UTC

Updates: New battlenet forum for the Public Test Region that will be on patch 1.2 is already set up. The Story Forum is already live as well if you want to check it out

Patch 1.2 is imminent. Expect to get your hands on that Christmas present before the end of Dec. If you know Italians, follow some blue talks in this thread. It seems that there is a surprise feature yet to be announced :)

Corruption ORPG by JakeCake26

While gameplay might be important when developing a project, eye candies sure sells it. This ORPG really did it for me. Amazing lightning, nice visual effect and terrain. I just want to test it now but unfortunately he's from EU. Give the map a try.

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Official Cheat Codes

Posted by progammer Dec 02, 2010 at 18:04 UTC

Cheat Codes by Blizzard

Blizzard has published their official list of cheat codes. Check them out. Leave a comments below to help me explain all the references

Cheat CodeDescription
WhatIsBestInLifeInstant Victory
LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEvenInstant Defeat
TookTheRedPillDisables Fog of War
Bunker55AliveInsideDisables the need for Supplies (Food)
TerribleTerribleDamageEnables God Mode
SpectralTigerAdds 5000 Minerals to the Available Resources
RealMenDrillDeepAdds 5000 Gas to the Available Resources
WhoRunBartertownAdds 5000 of each Resource to the Available Resources
SoSayWeAllAllows the use of all Tech
IAmIronManInstantly Allows all Upgrades
CatFoodForPrawnGunsEnables Fast Builds and Fast Upgrades
HanShotFirstDisables Cooldowns on Spells
TyuHasLeftTheGameDisables Victory Conditions to Allow Continued Play
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrenderEnables Continued Play After a Defeat
ImADoctorNotARoachJimEnables Fast Unit Healing
MoreDotsMoreDotsAll Units and Buildings are Free to Build (No Cost)
Story Mode Cheat CodesDescription
WhySoSeriousAdds 5 Million Credits
LeaveYourSleepOpens all Missions (Ability to Jump to Missions)
EyeOfSauronAllows Access to all Cinematics
StayClassyMarSaraAllows Access to all UNN TV News Broadcasts
HoradricCubeOpens all Research Options
Custom MapsDescription
JaynestownAdds 5000 Terrazine to the Available Resources
Easter Egg Cheat CodesDescription
OverEngineeredCodPiecePlays the Song Terran Up the Night

Updates: Alternative cheat codes from sixen. These all works but is not documented

Cheat CodeDescription
CadEasyGoinLose the current game
ReversingNazaire / BaseStarsPrimativeFast Build
FSBComunicacionFast heal
MintMansOperatorFood usage/requirement
SmoldersBolds5000 Minerals & Gas
StroakSmolts5000 Minerals
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender / YpoonsVoicemailDisable defeat conditions
DZMHairSpring5000 Custom Resources (the 4th resources after Terrazine)
SawnOutOfMemoryFog of war disabled (the new Black Sheep Wall)
QroteroTime of day disabled
CMethodFeedbackWin current game
LyingPectMission select?
WapBoinkersResearch points granted
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Posted by progammer Dec 02, 2010 at 05:16 UTC

Storymode Campaign Tutorials by Insidious

Interested on some campaign but not sure how to make the dialog like blizzard ? Head over to this thread and find out. Feel free to contribute anything you learned from the campaign map. This video is an example of what you can do

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Map Market Place - Q2 2011

Posted by vjeux Dec 01, 2010 at 07:24 UTC

MMO-Champion just released a leak of a 8-month old Blizzard Product Slate. While it must be taken with care, there's an info: Map Market Place is expected for Q2 2011.

You should take an extra care as the author of the post said:


BNET2MapMarket - This is pretty self explanatory, but I'm a little surprised by the timeline.

If that info is right, this would mean that the Market Place is only 6-month away from now!

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Massive Warfare, DavidCraft

Posted by progammer Nov 30, 2010 at 18:36 UTC

Instead of making games and fighting with each other for the top spot in the popularity lists, there is still a potential area of the Galaxy Editor I haven't seen much love: Cinematic and machinima

Massive Warefare by hentaiforeva

Just want some epic battle with explosions everywhere? Enjoy this massive invasion from the beach lead by Commander Shepard and give your eyes a treat.

DavidCraft Ep1 by DavidCraftMachinima

Want some machinima of some tier 1 units talking about their everyday life ? DavidCraft's first episode is out now. I hope there will be more in the future.

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