Patch 1.2 Live

Posted by Sixen Jan 11, 2011 at 02:20 UTC

Just a heads up... Currently the patch is live on the US, SEA, EU and KR servers. You can re-read the Patch Notes here.

Feel free to join us in the channel SC2Mapster as well, for all your mapping needs, :) (channel name not case sensitive).

Post any bugs/undocumented changes here.

Update: Patch now also live in EU!

We will keep you updated on interesting stuff in the new patch. For now, editor tips #7:

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Snipers ProMod

Posted by Sixen Jan 10, 2011 at 21:54 UTC

Snipers Pro Mod by GizmoPT

Aside from Bounds (which were by far my favorite SC1 Map), I would have to say Snipers was by second favorite map style. I spent countless hours playing SC1 Snipers and was thrilled to see it made it's way into War3 with the Riflemen. As unsurprising as it may be, Snipers has made its way onto the SC2 side of things. It sports the old SC1 style map along with those nostalgic Missile Turrets from Teams Hot and Cold. From the video, it seems like GizmoPT has done a decent job at fleshing out those old Line of Sight places as well as decent hiding spots. Anyone interested in the old 3v3 Snipers games should check out this map. I know i'll be playing it...

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Project Vector Updates

Posted by progammer Jan 09, 2011 at 18:39 UTC

Project Vector by malu05

I'm probably sure everyone should have seen malu05's amazing work with some of his FPS game. The last one we heard was project Vector - A TPS horror single player map. Disappoint no more because the project is still in development (not canceled). Here are latest update videos from malu05. The NPC character interactions as well as the conversation/quest menu is nothing short of amazing.

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Pocket Monsters

Posted by Sixen Jan 08, 2011 at 21:39 UTC

Pocket Monsters by jaminv

I'm sure everyone visiting this website has played Pokemon at one point in time in their lives... Those of us around when it first came out on the original Gameboy will remember Pokemon Red and Blue (I suppose Yellow counts too). jaminv decided it was time to take nostalgia to a whole other level when he began his Pokemon-style port to SC2. Now, he isn't recreating the Pokemon games entirely, he's coming up with a brand new set of "monsters" and attacks. However from the looks of it, the map is exactly how I remember it back when Ash left him mom to go "Catch 'em all." Though, he says he is going to come up with his own map shortly afterward. Not only is this going to be a PvE game, but he has also included the PvP arena (in the PokeCenter for those who can remember the specifics, ;)). Those looking for a walk down memory lane and look into the future of PokeCraft (he's still looking for names if anyone wants to throw in their two cents... there was mine) should definitely take a look at this map.

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Room Wars

Posted by progammer Jan 08, 2011 at 02:27 UTC

Room Wars by Fullachain

Room Wars was a classic maps in SC1 where you fight for dominance over rooms like zone control map. However all the rooms are connected by doors that open and close in sequences. Managing where your army is staying is part of the strategy. Reinforce the week spot and capture more rooms. It is both available in US and EU.

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