Posted by progammer Dec 17, 2010 at 02:13 UTC

Rocker Actor Tutorial by progammer

The Data Editor surely has a lot of potential we haven't explored all. Just with one simple rocker actor, you can easily make your unit "rolling" to battle, or just to make your marauder appear a little drunk. Visit the tutorials to learn out how.

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Icehot Dance off

Posted by progammer Dec 16, 2010 at 03:30 UTC

Icehot Dance off by sandround

Just as I newsed the xylophone map last time, StarCraft 2 can do more than that. This is a dance party map in which you type unit name similar to Nexus Word Wars, but this time with dancing included :)

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(War3) Legacy Melee Remake

Posted by Sixen Dec 15, 2010 at 06:45 UTC

(War3) Legacy Melee Remake

This contest is about melee gameplay! I'm sure you all remember the SC1 Legacy Remake Contest we held a few weeks ago... Given the amount of submissions and general interest, I thought it'd only be fair to have a Melee remake for all those War3 players out there as well. Again, Blizzard has said they would consider using our maps in the official Ladder, so why not take a shot at making a map worthy of pro gamers like Boxer and Huk?

What to do?

  • Recreate a War3 Melee Map as you see fit. The goal is to create a balanced SC2 melee map, but must be a replicate of the original map. So that means the map itself must be correct in terms of cliff and player placement, etc.
  • You can add in things like the Xel'Naga Watch Tower, etc from SC2, or change the amount of resources so things are balanced in terms of SC2.

The rest...

To view resources to be used in the contest, the deadlines, and the rewards, check the thread (where you can also place all submissions).

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Advanced AI

Posted by progammer Dec 13, 2010 at 11:48 UTC

Eagle AI by MTops

Fighting with the Insane AI might be tough because it cheated, but we would always be interested on challenging a fair and smarter AI. MTops worked for months on his melee AI and is showing the choke point detection function. I hope we can have an progamer-like AI soon :)

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WDE #3: All About Aura

Posted by progammer Dec 11, 2010 at 17:47 UTC

WDE #3 is all about aura, that is you got to make any kind of aura you want. You can try your creativity or try to complete some already listed challenges. The latest WDE is #5: What moves you. I will provide recap for other WDE along the way.

WDE #3: All About Aura

There are many submission that does not have a video, but they're awesome nevertheless. Visit the thread to get the map and check all of them out :) Thanks everyone for their submission.

This one is the recreation of the Mothership's Time Bomb ability

Second challenge accepted: Earthquake ability

Overheat aura:

Challenge 3 accepted: Shield Drain

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