Storm's Keep

Posted by progammer Nov 27, 2010 at 22:05 UTC

Storm's Keep by Qancakes

If you have been so tired of the popularity system or multiplayer maps, try this single player campaign by Qancakes. You are a ghost send to a distant zerg infested planet to investigate the problems. Even though the maps is quite easy, you still have 45 minutes of a good story and nice terrain. Download the map on mapster or find it on battlenet EU.

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Out of Bounds Contest Results

Posted by Sixen Nov 26, 2010 at 20:42 UTC

Out of Bounds Contest Results

I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who participated in this Contest, Bounds were my absolute favorite type of map during the old SC1 days. Checking out a lot of these entries really brought back some old memories (especially Level Up Bound, man I miss that map). I'm kind of inspired to go recreate one of my old bounds now... Anyway, thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to our top 3: progammer, Xen10, and Introversity, with D1000 coming in a close 4th! Stay tuned for the next contest, should be coming around pretty shortly, ;).

12. aciddragoon - The Nydus Network - 4
13. Exaken - Unnamed - 3
14. bigdakafa7 - Clan XDs Bound - 3
15. Aneth0r - Lava Dodge - 2
16. Aneth0r - Unnamed Level 1 - 2
17. Aneth0r - Unnamed Level 2 - 2
18. QMJ3 - WANTED (Level 1) - 2
19. QMJ3 - WANTED (Level 2) - 2
20. yukaboy - Factory Trap - 2
21. Zarakk - A Zerglings Journey (Level 2) - 1
22. stevehammon - Frontline Wars - 0

1. progammer - The Amazing Probe - 18
2. Xen10 - Level Up Bound - 13
3. Introversity - Lights Out - 11
4. D1000 - Unnamed - 10
5. Noidealol - Bounce - 7
6. nevjmac - Unnamed - 6
7. Victiln - Got Ninja - 5
8. Zarakk - A Zerglings Journey (Level 3) - 5
9. Obliviron - Dog Meat - 5
10. Zarakk - A Zerglings Journey (Level 1) - 4
11. Zarakk - A Zerglings Journey (Level 4) - 4

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Kaelten Nov 25, 2010 at 15:44 UTC

To al of our US users, and for those who may celebrate it otherwise.

On behalf of the site, our moderators and corporate overlords I wish you all Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe as you travel and enjoy the merriment.

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Blizzard, Maze Generator

Posted by progammer Nov 24, 2010 at 05:45 UTC

Blizzard is having an epic sale for WOW and all of its expansions in preparation for Cataclysm's launch that ends in 30 Nov. Grab one now if you haven't.

New Gameplay Videos by Blizzard

A new gameplay video was released by Blizzard featuring the sexy adjutant's voice. Watch it to see how gorgeous the game looks on ultra or trying to learn some cinematic experiences.

Maze Generator by Nexius22

Not only good for games, the galaxy language for SC2 is very capable of solving complex math problems. In this map, Nexius22 used a Depth-first search algorithm to generate a random maze.

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Featured, Banelings, Banelings

Posted by progammer Nov 23, 2010 at 14:29 UTC

Next round of featured maps is live on US. Both of them are fun minigames.

Banelings by HuskyStarcraft

You probably have seen this video, HuskyStarcraft's latest music parody of Justin Bieber's Baby has gone viral for the last 2 days. Enjoy the catchy tunes.

Banelings Fluid by progammer

Following the banelings trend, I have made some experiments with SC2's pathing and collision system to come up with this fluid simulation of banelings. Imagine what it would be like to bath in banelings :) (SC2's pathing system is probably the best system in gaming to date)

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