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Posted by vjeux Jan 01, 2032 at 00:00 UTC
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2D Sprites Engine Tech Demo

Posted by Sixen Apr 22, 2014 at 03:15 UTC

Does your project need a trailer or gameplay video? Fullachain has offered to help you out, :).

2D Sprites Engine Tech Demo by egodbout

Pretty sweet stuff, including a Warcraft intro, and a 2D Warcraft game, from the creator of the Diablo RPG and Zelda remake!

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Star Bar

Posted by Sixen Apr 09, 2014 at 02:30 UTC

Star Bar by BasharTeg

Do you like drinking? Perhaps karaoke? Maybe you want to start a band and go from gig to gig brilliantly displaying your sovereign talent with the electric accordion.

You can do all of those things in a real bar, but you can't necessarily run the bar itself. Welcome to Star Bar, where you can do such wonderful tasks as firing helpless employees, buying truckloads of industrial-grade bio paste for your bar menu specials, bribing health inspectors, charging a 250% markup for "top shelf" moonshine, and more - - - all without even going through the trouble of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in an actual, real life, brick-and-mortar establishment.

AND THAT'S NOT ALL! Star Bar is intended for multiple players, so you're actually competing against other human beings to have the best bar in town! While they're hastily scrambling to replace that last batch of salted Urubu wings they just sold because "whoops, Bubba forgot to place the order," you can "arrange" for a union official to show up and turn your competitor's employees against him! While you're lounging on your bar stool, sipping on a nice glass of smooth Jenny VZ Reserve, you can snicker gleefully as chaos engulfs your opponents - the result of your clever machinations!

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Starcraft: Mass Recall

Posted by Sixen Apr 03, 2014 at 01:54 UTC

Starcraft: Mass Recall by SCMR Team

For those of you who remember the last newspost about this back in 2011, you'll know that the SC1 series was far from complete... However, Jones and his team have been hard at work, and now all 6 episodes of SC1 and Broodwar have been completed and compiled into one mega-project: Starcraft: Mass Recall (based off of MavercK's SC2BW mod). If you're looking for a great "new" game to play and a healthy dose of nostalgia, go check it out!

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Zealot Hockey

Posted by zeldarules28 Mar 23, 2014 at 21:26 UTC

Zealot Hockey (and free videos!)

Do you happen to like hockey? Do you also happen to like starcraft 2? If so, then Zealot Hockey is probably the map for you. Players can take advantage of several abilities to dash around, check other players, rapidly maneuver, and pass the puck.

Like the video? Fullachain has generously offered to create more videos like it for those who are interested.

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